Breaking outMature

“Phoebe? Phoebe? PHOEBE?!,” I was pulled out of my sleep by the sound of someone shouting my name. When my eyes finally opened I was surrounded by darkness. When I tried to turn my head I couldn’t. It was the same with every other part of my body. From what I could tell there were no chains or restraints holding me back. None that I could feel anyway. Which left the darkness. I had learnt far too much today to not be open minded to the fact that I could be being held back by darkness.

“PHOEBE?,” the shouting came again and I realised that I hadn’t replied.


“Oh thank god you’re alright. I though he had done something to you. I would hate myself if he had and I hadn’t been around to stop him”


“Yeah. It’s me,” I could hear him sigh. He obviously wasn’t enjoying the situation either. I pushed my memory back trying to remember how we got here. It was all a bit of a blur, it was like the darkness surrounding me was blocking me from thinking. But I tried.

My memory refused to go that far back but I managed to pick out some details. I remembered shouting at Josh though I couldn’t figure out why. I remembered Evan throwing him across the room and I remembered…Oh my god. That man. He’s the one who put us here! I couldn’t remember why, but I know it was him. He had come out of the shadows, materialising out of no where. And then everything went black. Like it was now. When the realisation of what had happened hit me I could feel panic rising through my body. I was terrified. I cursed this so call 'gift' I had been given and wished I could go back to yesterday. I wished I had a chance to do things again. But I knew that was impossible, as far as I could tell my power only allowed me to reverse time by a few minutes.

“Hey listen. I’ve been thinking--”

“Do you remember what happened?,” I interrupted him, I wanted to make sure I wasn’t the only one aware of that man.

“Yes, and I’ve been thinking. I know he has the power to contain us, that much is clear, but he might not have the power to contain our powers…”

“Go on,” I was suddenly full of hope. Any chance to get out of here was worthy of trying.

“Right. Well it’s a long shot, but if you could freeze the shadows that I’m assuming are holding are here. Anyway if you freeze them, they might weaken enough for me to push us out of their hold. And if that actually works, then I’ll push us as far away from here as I can manage. What do you think?”

My stomach sunk. I’d only had my power a couple of days, what if it wasn’t strong enough? Plus I had no idea how to freeze the shadows and not Evan. There was no hope.

“Well?,” even in the darkness I could feel his eyes staring at me.

“I don’t know. I don’t know how to freeze one thing and not another. What if I freeze you as well? It would ruin the plan,” I stopped to breathe. I was panicking.

“Phoebe calm down. I know you can do this. It’s our only hope and I know you can do this. How did it work before?”

“Well I just thought really hard about how much I wanted Josh to freeze so I could shut him up for a while,” things were so much simpler then, even if Josh was an annoying prat.

“Okay. Now just focus on the shadows and how much you want them to stop containing us. Clear your mind. Don’t think about me, just think about the shadows,” I closed my eyes and concentrated harder then I had ever done in my life. I wished that the shadows would stop. I focused on nothing but them. After a few minutes I opened my eyes. Nothing felt different so I turned my head to tell Evan this…

“Evan! I can turn my head, I couldn’t do that before! Maybe it worked!,” I was excited now. I wanted this to work so badly.

“Great. Well done. I’m going to try and push us away now. Are you ready?”

“Ready,” I could feel my body moving as Evan fought against the hold of the shadow. Though it didn’t take him long before he had freed us. His power was obviously a lot stronger then the man in the hood had thought. It felt so good to be able to move my arms and legs again. But there wasn’t much time to celebrate.

“Quick Phoebe, they won’t stay frozen for long. Grab my hand,” I did as he told me and the next thing I knew I was standing in an alleyway not far off from my apartment.

The End

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