Mistake After MistakeMature

I stormed out of Josh’s apartment, Lexi hot on my heels. We ended up half way down the road before I turned sharply to face her piercing golden eyes.

“What the fuck Lexi!” I was so fuming that I wouldn’t have been surprised if steam was pouring out of my facial orifices.

“No, he got it wrong, listen to me. Evan-”

“Oh! So you’re on first name terms with Evan too now? Josh not good enough?” I zeroed in on her. I wouldn’t allow her to speak. A small part of my mind told me I never used to be like this, and I think she realised it too. Her eyes were black. Like mine on a good day, I’m pretty sure mine we’re close to onyx and so angry that they were about to ignite. I didn’t care, I’m like this now. I have a job and purpose to uphold; and I will do it with or without Lexi.

“SHUT UP YOU STUPID ASSHOLE!” I was knocked out of my inner thoughts with a passionate screech. My head snapped to see Lexi’s troubled eyes. My mask faltered and I stared into them intently. I wrapped my dark mind around hers; I wanted to know what was in her head. But I wanted to hear it from her mouth, that mouth that I had desired to kiss ever since I laid eyes on her. That she was a cheater.

“Don’t you dare make me out to be a whore! That dipshit Evan got it wrong when he was explaining to Josh. He meant to say you!” I felt my heart drop at the sound of her pained voice when she regarded me. My face softened and I stood still. I didn’t know what to do. But then I forgot, she’s a woman, she has needs, obviously needs I wasn’t filling.

“You. Are. A. Fucking. Liar.” I spat out each word into her beautiful face. She flinched visibly. Ever since I had met Devlin people were scared of me. I liked this, I had power; and I liked it.

“No… This isn’t you Wynter, this isn’t the man I respect.”

“Yes. Yes it is, you are a liar. I know you went to dinner with Josh too, what, had a perfect night with him did you?”

“No, I-”

“Whatever! I don’t care.” I cut her off before she could infest my mind with any more of her bitter lies.

“NO! Rowan Wynter-” At the sound of my first name my mind had closed, dark wisps of smoke shadowed my mind and my eyes saw red. I was murderously angry.

“DON’T YOU DARE CALL ME THAT!” My voice was loud and deafening.

“I LOVED YOU!” Her voice roared, it was louder and more threatening than mine had been towards her. My brain was trying to comprehend what she had said. She loved me? No… She’s lying.

“I loved you, and you’re pushing me away. You’d rather believe a lie than have confidence in the truth. Well fine, but don’t you dare try any of your shit on me, like making me tell you what I am thinking. It isn’t going to work. Ever since our last argument I have closed my most precious side of my mind from you.” Her eyes were grey, they looked ice cold and I wanted to slap her pretty little face.

“I knew you never trusted me.” I hissed darkly at Lexi and she gasped audibly.

“I always trusted you…” Her voice was so soft I had to strain my ears to hear her. I hated that – why couldn’t people just speak up? Idiot. She obviously goes to college for nothing.

“No Lexi. You can’t fool me with these ongoing lies.” I looked her in the eye which had turned now to a soft orange colour – I had never seen that before but I could feel sadness emanating from her. I pushed away the feeling to comfort her, she didn’t deserve it.

“So this is it?” She looked up to me, orange eyes flaring like a dark angry forest fire.

“Yes.” I kept staring into her eyes; I didn’t want to miss a thing. I wanted to see her in pain like she had inflicted on me.

“Okay. I guess I’ll see you around?” Her voice was quiet. Her eyes now a yellow golden colour, flickering like a candle in a window on a winters evening.

“There’s no question about it, you will. But you wont like it. Or me. Goodbye.” My voice was indifferent, I didn’t want to show any anger or disappointment. She didn’t warrant it. Lexi turned her back on me - as I had done to her on many occasions – and walked out of my life. As she got further away from my I carried my voice to her.

“Just for the record… I fell in love with you that first day I saw you at the Academy.” I heard her gasp aloud and turn to face me, but as I saw her tear stained cheeks I walked away. Leaving the love of my life to cry her fractured heart out.


I summoned for Devlin to come and meet me in the alley. Oddly enough he arrived in a thick cloud of smoke, to the inferior human eye it would have looked like a man descending from fire, but to me it looked like the smoke was coming from him. I didn't think i had the ability to summon him, but it worked. We must be connected pretty tightly. Like bro's, like, amigo's - okay i'll stop.

“Hello child. I sense great anger, pain and an acute amount of heartache in you. Is there anything I should know?” I looked at Devlin with calm and collected eyes.

“No, anything that happens in my personal life has nothing to do with you.”

“Understandable. Now, I thought I should tell you. I have a person called Evan and Phoebe in custody. I caught them in the act of abusing supernatural powers. I will need you to see them at some point and talk to them. Figure them out with those useful powers of yours.” My eyes were bulging out of my sockets. Phoebe and Evan?

Custody? I felt a sharp pain of hurt, knocking me back to reality. I’d broken up with Lexi, the one person I’d only ever loved and most likely will ever love. I’d gotten my best friends girl arrested and well, I didn’t really give a shit about Evan but if he was friends with Lexi, or even Phoebe i was going to die, they wouldn't let me go without a fight, especially Josh. Oh god. What have I done?

The End

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