The Weaver's PlanMature

Devlin glared at the time shifter. She was sitting on her balcony on a mattress, light from inside just barely preventing him from opening a hole below her. Then he'd have to take care of that pusher...

The time shifter stood up. Come on. One more step. He watched in grim annoyance as the pusher readied himself to lift the time shifter and himself into the air. That bloody...

The time shifter looked up, and it seemed she could see him! He collected nearby shadows together and darkened the area in front of him, and by the time that she had looked back it was thick enough to conceal Wynter and himself.

The pusher flew into the air with the girl, and resumed his roof hopping from earlier. Hasn't the fool learned his lesson yet? The moon had come out from behind the thick clouds, and the light would make it almost impossible to apprehend them. Then a brilliant idea struck him.

"Come Wynter. Take my hand." Devlin made sure with an extra push of the darkness that he would obey, then let his mind drift after his targets. Finally, they came to a stop right next to a darkened alley.

He pulled himself and Wynter through, and since Wynter had already been absorbed by the shadows, Devlin could transport him as well.

It was a perfect spot. They were looking up at the sky, not paying any attention. "Wynter, " he whispered. "make them... fall in love."

"That's all?" he asked. "Are you questioning me?" Devlin replied sharply. He eased back the shadows, and allowed some of the pain to return. Wynter cringed, at which point Devlin pointed to the two.

"I did it! Now make it stop!" Devlin allowed the darkness back into Wynter's body, and smiled an unseen grin. "That's all for now. I will be back for you some day."

With that, Devlin sent Wynter home. He chuckled to himself, remembering a co-workers jab at him. "Perhaps I am a little too dramatic."

Shit! They must have heard me! He vanished into the shadows, watching them from behind. Then they took off again, but Devlin was fairly sure that if Wynter had done his part, and Devlin knew he had, the couple would stay together.

He followed them without a sound, merely jumping from perch to perch to watch his prey flee. They suddenly stopped, the time shifter pointing to a building. Devlin concentrated on the space below them. There wasn't enough darkness to make them fall through, but he could eavesdrop on what they were saying.

"I know that guy..."

"And I know him too."

"You know him? How?"

The pusher continued with his hurried explanation before they rushed toward the building. They stopped in front of a door and knocked, and Devlin took that as his cue to find a dark shadow in there to eavesdrop from.

He found one, and let all his senses into it. It seemed to be just over the couch of a man in his underwear who was holding his head. Devlin turned to look at the door, and of all people, Wynter went over to answer it.

Devlin watched in amusement as the small group turned violent. Wynter himself stormed out, followed by the girl he had seen so many times in the shadows of Wynter's mind. All that remained was the pusher, the time shifter, and this civilian on the couch who had at least put some pants on.

Devlin even cracked a genuine smile, something rare for him, when the shirtless man charged over and punched the pusher in the mouth, only to be thrown across the room! Oh the charges that I can put on this one... He won't see daylight again!

Then, the entire scene rewound itself, and instead of the civilian breaking his spine on the wall he smashed into a mattress. How terribly unoriginal, time shifter. Wait, a joke? Perhaps I am enjoying myself a little too much.

Devlin picked that moment to dramatically enter the room. He swirled the shadows like smoke around his body, just to give himself an eerie appearance. People didn't generally think rationally if they were afraid of him.

"Pusher! Time Shifter!" he spoke airily, letting himself hiss just slightly. "You have broken the law of the European Coven of Specials, and on behalf of all righteous and honorable Specials, you are under arrest for public displays of supernatural powers!"

The End

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