Green Eyed B****Mature

I heard footsteps coming up the hundreds of stairs, arghh, my head, way way waay too much to drink. I opened my eyes.

"ARGHH!" Nope, they shall just have to remain shut. The footsteps continued, shut uuuup. Banging on the door. For fu-

"JOSH! I KNOW YOU'RE IN THERE!" -heyy, i know that voice. The door opened,

"Heyy, Phoebe, Josh isn't exactly in-" Wynter had opened it. I knew it! It was her, coming in search of her Romeo,

"Where's Josh?", Straight to the point, I liked that in a girl...

"Urmm he's really not-"

"Phoebe! Hey! What are you doin-" I scrambled out of the ready-made bed on the couch, grabbing a pair of jeans of the floor, I didn't bother with a top- Pheebs deserved to get a good look at what she'd soon be getting...

"Lexi! What are you doin-"

"PHEEEBS! Babe! You came in search of me!" I grinned, she just couldn't resist... Four heads snapped towards me, wait four? Who was that guy? 
" -And. Who. The. Fuck. Are. You?" I said, pronouncing each word very clearly- he looked a little bit, simple.

"Hey, urmm I'm Evan." Yup, very simple.

"I don't give a shit what your name is, who the hell are you?"

"Urmm, I'm Evan. I am- me?" Jeeesus, this was gonna be tough.

"Yeah, I got that mate. What the hell are you doing here?"

"He's with me Josh." Pheebs stepped infront of him, those green eyes piercing straight through me; she was, with someone else? That green eyed bitch...

"He's with-"  I repeated, my head was still spinning from the alcohol. I couldn't see straight, and this reaally wasn't helping matters.

"Look, Evan said he saw you and Lexi together," -Wait, what? Me and Chameleon girl? I don't remember that, I really must have had too much to drink...

"What?" Yelled Wynter, " I knew it! I fucking knew it!" he stormed out, Chameleon girl running after him, tears rolling down her face...

"Wait Wynter! Wait, he got it wrong! Don't you remember-" The apartment door slammed shut. My head was pounding. It was just me, Pheebs, and this Evan prick.

"Hey, look I got it wrong-" I right hooked him before he could finish, he fell to the floor, spitting out blood. I smirked, a he looked up at me his face contorted with anger. Awwh crap. I flew across the room, and when I say flew I literally mean flew across-

"JOSH!" And then the weirdest freakin' thing in the world happened, I hit a mattress, and Evan and Pheebs were holding the side of it... "I'm really gonna have to find some sort of portable thing, all these mattresses-"

"What the fuck- I mean WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED!?" 

The End

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