Two Cups To Be ExactMature

We were jumping from roof to roof for thirty minutes straight already. I felt so free! Not because fo the cold night air hitting my body and face, or because my leg wasn't broken anymore, but because I finally had someone to share the secret of my powers with. But that was only mentally free.

I'm not alone anymore.

Phoebe and I were still holding hands. Of course, she thought that if she ever let go she would fall straight to the ground, but that would never happen in my watch. Actually, she doesn't need to be holding my hand to be able to join in the fun. I can easily push her forward without any contact. But for some reason, I really wanted to touch her. Hold her hand, at least. Maybe it was because of all this excitment, otherwise I would have never done any of this.

"This is amazing!"

Phoebe was smilling as we jumped from the third floor of a building and landed on cool grass. She started giggling, and I couldn't help but smile. I wish I could be as carefree as that. Even though I have this amazing power, and if I wish, I could probably fly with some training, I still felt trapped inside. The world was too joyouse for me to feel part of it.

"Are you sure that you are feeling fine?"

Her green eyes were staring at me with questions. Was she actually worried about me? Well, she had saved my from breaking my leg before.

"Yes, I'm just... thinking."

Instead of insisting on it, Phoebe just looked up at the star filled sky. Shadows surrounded us, and the only thing that lit our surroundings was the full moon and it's serenity. I noticed that we were still holding hands, and that brought me a sort of peace. It was just an indication of her existence. Of her precence besides me.

"Should we go now? It's getting late, and I am already tired enough as it is." I gently squeezed her hand to call her attention, but she didn't look at me. She was looking at an alley very close to us. There was no one there, but I did feel my mind being tampered with again. How annoying.

"Phoebe, let's go."

"I thought I saw someone there."

"And I felt someone there. Now let's go before whoever it was decides to come back." My voice was serious and cold instead of calm like I would like it to be. It brassed me off how such a perfect moment could be ruined to easily. Wait, perfect moment? Am I starting to think like Romeo now or what? What a bunch of romantic rubbish.

I pulled Phoebe back up and we started our way back to her dorm. I was still really annoyed, but I tried my best to hide it. There was no need to drive away a new friend.

"Wait, stop!"

My mind shut off with a jolt when our feet touched the concrete floor. Why in the world would she distract me like that?!

"Is something wrong?"

"That's Josh!" Phoebe exclaimed as she pointed at a figure entering a building in the distance. Not too distant, to tell the truth.

"I know that guy..."

"And I know him too." She turned and stared at me with obvious confusion. "You know him? How?"

"He was having dinner with this lass he called Lexi at the bar were I work at a few hours ago. And to be honest, their flirting was rather annoying."


"Yes, dinner. And some hot chocolate, if I may add. Two cups to be exact. Two for her, two for him. No, that's four cups" I chuckled to myself and my almost perfect memory. It was really convinient owning such a sharp and powerful mind. But Phoebe didn't pay attention to me, she was walking towards the building the man had entered, dragging me with her in the process, seeing as we were still holding hands.

The End

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