No harm doneMature


I laughed as Josh finished his ‘arguments to why he should be Phoebe’s boyfriend’. He had been whispering in my ear for around ten minutes, and I had been debating back. He would occasionally agree with one of my well thought-out arguments with a ‘Hmm’. But on the whole, he was right. He was a fairly decent guy underneath all the bravado. I could now see why he was Wynter’s best friend. Thinking of Wynter… god, he had been gone for a good while now. Maybe he had gone to the store without me. I hated the thought. 

Our date had been going so well, he was charming, sweet, shy, totally gorgeous… and I felt an electric jolt every time we touched. This of course was accompanied by an essential blush, and well. My eye’s had never stayed turquoise for so long without effort on my part. He was amazing. What’s more…we had quietly discussed our powers in the bar. I had explained, as well as I could, about my eyes changing colour to match my emotions. He had grinned and told me he had guessed, and a game ensued, consisting of him guessing what colours matched what mood. It was the most fun my powers had created in a long time. 

When I had told him about touching people’s consciousnesses, he had turned serious, and he’d asked me what his was saying right now. I’d blushed, and told him quietly “Lust...”. He had looked a little embarrassed, but I had soon changed the subject onto what I was dying to know: His powers. He had laughed at my abrupt change of subject, and told me, smiling all the while, his dark hair flopping over his eyes. “ We are someway similar. I can tell immediately if someone lies to me, and I can…alter people’s moods.” At this, I bombarded him with questions, and discovered he could not alter mine, unless I let him. 

“So. Are you and Josh and I the only ones?” 

“As far as I’m aware.” 

“Actually…I’ve been waiting for a friend of mine, to show her powers. Her name’s Phoebe-”

He had laughed so hard at this, I had almost felt insulted. I asked him what was so funny, and he told me all about their little encounter with her. I had laughed soo hard with him…And then we’d met Josh, and had to help him back to his flat. Wynter was just meant to be finding some coffee now…Where was he?

“Josh?” I called, hoping that he’d seen Wynter. Damn. He was passed out on the sofa. 

I checked all the rooms but he was no where to be found. 

I slumped on the sofa. Where was he? I thought miserably. I gave a yawn, and laid my head back against the sofa cushioning… The next thing I knew, Wynter was standing over me, his face cold and passive.

“Did his passing out interrupt your kissing?” He cocked his head, his voice cold and unfamiliar.

Kissing? What was he talking about? 

“ What are you talking about Wynter?” My voice and eyes both showing confusion.

“ You and Josh, on the sofa, earlier. I saw you,” The faintest touch of pain coloured his voice, but otherwise it remained cool.

“Don’t be ridiculous! Wynter, I have never kissed Josh, nor would I want to,” I said, my head spinning with the shock. And then I remembered something. “Wynter, look at me, tell me if I’m lying, but I’m not,” 

He looked shocked, and his beautiful dark eyes were wide, his dark hair a shocking contrast to his pale skin. 

“ You’re telling the truth!” 

I almost rolled my eyes. “I know I am, you silly thing, but where on earth did you get the impression that I was kissing Josh?” 

“You were on the sofa with him, and he was…”

“Oh…” Understanding washed through me.

“Wynter, he was whispering to me, trying to convince me he was good enough for Phoebe,” 

A strange look came over Wynter. There was relief, yes. Shock, yes. But there was something else… something that almost looked like…guilt. Maybe he felt guilty that he had falsely accused me? Yeah, maybe that’s it.

“Come here,” I said, my voice teasing . He walked over, and wrapped his big arms around me. 

“I’m sorry,” He said, in a little voice. 

“S’ okay. I understand how it must have looked.” 

“No…really. I am so sorry Lexi,”

“It’s fine! No harm done.” I smiled. Goodness, he looked so shaken.

“Are you okay? You look a little sick.” My voice was full of concern, and he smiled a little at it. 

“Yeah, something like that,” 

The End

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