Not aloneMature

“Uh…what the hell just happened? I mean…my leg…and now it’s fine. Please explain for the sake of my sanity.” His sanity? This man just fell onto my balcony! What the hell did he think he was doing?

“Would you like to tell me if you’re okay first? Looks like you had a bit of a fall”

“Yeah I did. Hurt my leg actually, and then I was back in the air, and fell again to land on this mattress”,

“Oh. That’s odd. People didn’t notice before”

“Huh?”, oh crap. Did I say that out loud? The stranger was staring at me, looking for an answer. Though he wasn’t giving me any of my own.

“I’ll make you a deal. You tell me what you’re doing on my balcony, and I’ll tell you how your leg is fine? Agreed?”, he looked hesitant. Understandably. I was feeling exactly the same thing, but what was there to lose? Chances are I’d never see this man again. I wait for him to answer, I was giving up any information if he wasn’t.

“Okay. Promise me you won’t freak out and go running and telling everyone first?”, I nodded and made a cross across my heart with my fingers. He was looking at me with his eyebrows raised as if to say ‘Really you still do that at your age?’. But I ignored it and waited for him to continue to speak, tapping my foot on the floor to make my point clearer.

“Right. Well I’m not like other people. I’m different.”, he paused, to see my reaction I guess. Though I wasn’t shocked, if anything I could relate, I’d been feelings that a lot today, “I can move things with my mind.” He looked up at me again. Only to find a look of confusion on my face, which he took for me thinking he was crazy. He looked hurt, so I spoke.

“Okay, but that doesn’t explain how you ended up on my balcony?”

“I’m able to move my body with my mind. When I feel the need to escape I move my body across the roofs on my way home from work. I lost concentration for a minute, causing myself to fall and land here. Now that’s my part done, care to explain how my leg fixed itself?” I was lost for words, I thought I was crazy this morning at my exam, and then with Josh and then with this man. I thought I was losing my mind and making stuff up, I didn’t believe myself. But now to hear that this man was different too. That he could do things that no normal person would even dream of. Things that couldn’t be explained. I couldn’t help but smile as I realised that I was not alone. I remembered that I was meant to be explaining things to him, and must have looked like an idiot standing there and smiling to myself. So I looked back at him and tried to find the right way to say it.

“Well, I’m not so sure how to explain it myself. It’s only been happening recently. As recently as this morning. But it would seem that I can control time. Well not really, I can rewind time for a few minutes and I froze it earlier. I can’t really control it, when I feel upset or stressed or embarrassed these things just happen. Well that’s what I can gather from today. Though people didn’t seem to notice before, not like you. They didn’t remember what happened before time was reversed. Maybe it’s because you have powers to? I don’t know”, I realised that I’d been rambling and put my hand in front of my face to stop myself from saying anything else. The man was still staring at me, his mouth and eyes were wide open. Maybe I said too much? I walked over to the mattress and sat down next to him. His face turned to mine, shock still written on his face. I gave him a friendly smile and waited for him to speak.

“I never thought I’d find another person like me. I thought I was alone. All these years of feeling ashamed, like a freak of nature. And to finally find another! I’m so shocked!”

“I can see that”, I joked and a nervous laugh followed. This wasn’t exactly how I expected my evening to go. But I’m glad it did.

“I’m Evan”, I placed my hand in his to shake it.

“Phoebe”, I couldn’t help but grin at him, and he returned my smile. I know it sounds stupid, but I felt a connection to this man. I wasn’t sure whether that came from just knowing that he was like me, or on another level. But it was defiantly there. Suddenly he jumped up, his smile still on his face.

“Fancy coming for a ride?”, he had his hand out, ready to pull me up. I didn’t really understand what he meant, so I stayed where I was and waited for him to elaborate.

“I can move things with my mind, including people, so if you were to hold on to my hand…you’d be able to roof jump with me. What do you say”, his grin was clearly showing his excitement. This wasn’t just new to me but to his as well. I wasn’t going to pass up on an opportunity like this, so I put my hand on his and stood up next to him. I was scared, but it was a good scared. I wanted the thrill I could see he got from it. He walked me to the edge of the balcony and I looked around. Taking in the night time and the surroundings I was about to leave. On the corner of one building I swear I could have see a figure in a hood, watching us. But when I looked again there was nothing there, just shadows so I pushed the thought out of my mind. I turned to look at Evan who was still grinning at me.


The End

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