"Follow me." Devlin smiled to the man. He could feel the darkness in his heart, lurking in his mind ready to be unleashed. The wind blew through the night, and with his senses so infused into the air it felt like it was going through him as much as over him, every leaf shake loose like a slight tingle down his spine.

The moon was dark, as were most of the stars, and so his powers were at their peek. He brought the darkness in Wynter's heart to the surface, and when he did the unmistakable bliss of simply not caring canceled out his sorrow and pain.

He stood and began to follow Devlin, who was heading back behind the building into the darkest of the shadows. He let his consciousness wonder to his Commander's office, and when he felt it he let the shadows carry his voice.

"Commander, " The Commander gave a short sound of surprise. "I have retrieved the man you requested, but I don't see how he can be as important as you have said."

"Our scouts have said this man can manipulate the emotions and thoughts of others. The target you are to apprehend will prove to be very difficult, they're a time shifter. You need to convince them to come with you or else they'll just slip through the time stream and escape."

"Yes, Commander."

Devlin disconnected from his Commander and sent his mind flying through the darkness. There were several people in the shadows that had a power, but he couldn't sense a time shifter. There was a judge, a scope, a microphone, a ghost, two shape shifters, the list went on. Then he felt something change abruptly.

A pusher had been jumping along the rooftops of buildings, highly illegal, and fell. It had even given him a short laugh, and a nice "that's what you get."  kind of feeling. But then he was back on the roof, and started to fall again. He watched for a moment as the woman from the picture he had been shown pushed a mattress under the falling man.

"Found you." he sneered.

He turned around to face Wynter. "You have a choice. You can go back to your crying, and your feeling sorry for yourself, or you can come with me and help me uphold the law and get a little revenge along the way. How does that sound?"

Wynter merely nodded his head.

Devlin smiled, his teeth flashed in the night. "Good boy. Now come here."

Once close enough, Devlin reached out and took hold of Wynter by the wrist. As a shadow weaver, Devlin could travel from shadow to shadow at will. But others, they had to have special accommodations. 

Wynter was shocked for a moment by Devlin's cold hand, and then his own hand started to turn black. It faded to the same color as the dark shadow they were standing in, then disappeared completely. The shadows worked their way up his arm and onto his chest, his body going ice cold everywhere they touched.

Devlin powered the darkness in Wynter's mind to keep up his indifference to the fact he was being swallowed whole by the darkness. "We're going on a little trip first, then we can go and get our revenge on your so-called friends."

As Wynter vanished completely, Devlin slipped through the shadows and appeared in the alley he had just seen time repeat itself. Wynter appeared beside him, though his appearance was nearly as slow as his disappearance.

Then, once he had fully formed, he turned to Devlin and asked "So what do you want me to do, exactly?"

The End

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