Those Green EyesMature

Argggh. Everytime I closed my eyes those green eyes were staring back at me, I could not get her out of my head; The annoyed look on her face, the cute little blush she did when I'd called her beautiful. Don't get me wrong, I loved having that affect on girls, but this- Not being able to think straight- I had not signed up for. There was only one thing for it. A night out with Wynter.

Three unanswered calls later and I remembered something about him and the girl with the freakishly-cool chameleon eyes had gone out...Lexi? Yeah Lexi...

 So I'd been ditched for a date. I can deal with that. It's not like we always have to hang out. I could have fun without Wynter.  I'd done it before when he was with all the other 'love of his life's ', Wynter was always so serious with girls, something I still don't get- Who would want this stupid sick feeling in their stomach? The annoying feeling that something is missing... Shutup Josh, so yeah, I can have fun own my own.Yeah, sure I can. I just needed a little, err pick me up.

 I looked in the fridge, my pride and joy, containing a 2litre bottle of Strongbow, a couple of WKD's for the ladies, some other stuff I had no idea about but were probably lethal and my favourite... Jack Daniels. Excellent.

The next thing I knew I was walking, well stumbling along the streets, everything was pretty much a blur and my jaw hurt like a-

"Josh?" I squinted, trying to make out this odd looking fellow infront of me.

"Whoo waant-s'know?" Woah, I really did sound retarded.

"Jesus Josh, I can't leave you alone for one night..."

"Sh'uup maayyte. Oood'youu-" I felt myself being lifted up under the arms, being dragged along the path. "'Eyy, whaaad-" I gave up, I couldn't think let alone talk. My head pounded like a never ending drum beat. My eyelids slowly shut, I heard whispering but couldn't make out anything.

Next thing I knew I was slowly opening my eyes, the light stinging. My throat was sore from thirst. Somebody was looking in my fridge...
"He's got nothing but alcohol in the fridge, wait there's some, oh no, it's three months out..."

"That's Josh for you. I'm gonna go get some paracetamol, he'll need it. I'll be five minutes."- I recognised that voice, Wynter. I grinned to myself. He just couldn't cope spending a night without me...

"'Kay, see you in abit." The person turned around, inspecting my face, "And what d'you think you're grinning at?"

" 'Sup chameleon girl?" I said, winking at her.

"Chameleon gir- What that hell are you talking about? Oh, ri-i-ight, my eyes. Yeah, real funny. I don't know what Phoebe see's in you I really don't-"

"Pheebs? Wait, hold up. Pheebs see's something in me?" I smiled, so I wasn't the only one under this torture.

"Her name is Phoebe, P-h-o-e-"

"Yeah, Phoebe, I get it. Listen, chameleon girl, I need your help..." I leant in closer to her, and began to do something I'd never done before... Beg. I begged for help to win Pheebs over. Chameleon girl's eyes changed to this turquoisey colour and I knew then I had won her over. There was no way I was going to let Pheebs get away, not now that I knew she liked me too.

The End

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