Hot ChocolateMature

I stood behind the counter cleaning some shot glasses, just like I would when things were slow. My white dicky dirt's sleeves were rolled up to my elbows, and my brown hair was on my eyes. Time to get a hair cut.

The door opened all of a sudden to let the cold night air in, and my ears picked up a male voices. I let my eyes scan the room and noticed that there was a girl with him, and she was blushing.

"Again, I'm sorry for what happened before Lexi."

"It's okay. At least you have the decency of apologizing."

Both of them sat on the bar stools a few feet away from me. Perfect, a date. I couldn't have thought of anything more annoying.

"Hey, chap! Could you serve us some hot chocolate please?"

I really didn't feel like it, but I poured them the chocolate anyways. They were customers after all. The two ate and talked for at least an hour, in my minds clock, that is. The girl's eye color kept changing, and I felt someone tamper with my mind. Seriously? Even though it was just a slight nudge, I still decided to bloke my mind from it. You never know what could come from being careless.

"Does the pretty lass want anything else to eat?"

I wanted to be courteous for a change. It was my job to be, yes, but it felt nice once in a while to do it just because. The man with the black hair asked if she wanted anything else to eat. I heard her say "no", but she did mention another cup of chocolate.

"Hot chocolate again. And for me as well."

When they were done, they walked out the door with less anxiety than before. Something told me I would see them again, but I paid no mind to it. My shift was done, and it had been a long one, at that. So I finally grabbed my jacket and started for home, screaming "cheers" at Johnny right before exiting the bar/restaurant. The night wasn't as cold as the one before, and I had picked a warmer jacket this time. Again, I climbed up to the top of one of the buildings, and used my mind to push my jump farther. I just couldn't wait until I got home and had a chance to lay down on my soft bed.

I had reached the prestigious Grey Academy when I felt my eyes start to give in. My concentration broke in mid leap, making my jump too short.

"Crap!" I exclaimed, just as my foot slipped from the end of the roof. I felt my body fall, but not in slow motion as one would think. I landed on hard surface just as soon as I had started falling.

"Argh!" I yelped in pain, clutching my bleeding leg. It was broken and the bone had ripped the skin, making it stick out. Hot tears made their way down my face, and my black pants were socked in blood already. It felt as if my leg was being stabbed over and over again. Then someone slid a door open very close to me, and I heard a voice exclaim "bloody hell". I would have gladly joined in with the exclamations of surprise this person was emmiting, but I was in too much pain to even care.

In a few second, though, I felt my body change completely. The pain was gone and I wasn't laying on the ground. In fact, I couldn't feel anything underneath me, until my foot hit the end of a roof and slid off. Then, without knowing how or why, I found myself falling again, and landing on a thick mattress.

"What the-"

"You okay?"

It was the same voice from before.

The End

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