Dorm 108Mature

As I walked away from the arts academy , towards the english section of the university, I found myself thinking about that guy. Not the egotistical jackass who was staring at Phoebe, but the other guy. Wynter. I mean, don't get me wrong, he acted like an idiot. But a sweet idiot. And he apologized. There was something about him, the way those dark eyes penetrated mine... And. Oh my God. How could I not have realised before? His consciousness... it had that feeling. That unmistakeable power feeling

. How did I not pick up on it at the time? God, I was scrutinizing him enough... Maybe it was the feeling of desire that I could feel emanating from his mind, that distracted me. Or maybe it was that he was so totally gorgeous, it was a miracle I had had the ability to speak at all. Come to think of it...didn't I defend my mind back there? Someone was trying to enter my consciousness. God I'm stupid. Blinded by a guy...

My eyes were another thing. I couldn't control them the way I usually do, when I was with him. They plainly changed colour for all to see. From an angry grey to an inquisitive green and back to my joyous turquoise. I groaned as I realised that they now knew, that I wasn't quite so normal myself... and he probably picked up that I blocked my mind. No normal human could do that...

Ugh. Well, he has powers too!  And he definitely sounded interested... God, his consciousness said enough... Where did he say he worked? The grocery store down town? Which one? There must be loads... Well, how long would it take to search them all?  I almost slapped myself. Hold up- running around looking for a guy? Get a life Lex. Let him come to you.

And at that moment he did.

''Hey! Lexi, right? I'm so sorry-''

''That's ok, I was probably a little hard on you.''

''But still...Maybe, I should take you to coffee to make up for it?''

''Sorry Wynter, I've a class,''

I have never seen a more dissapointed look. It thrilled me. I had a feeling my eyes were a crystal clear shade of ocean.

''But, maybe, you could take me out after? I mean, it was my friend you were staring at...''

''Yeah, I mean it was such a terrible thing to do. I think only dinner can really make up for it.''

''Free tonight?''

''You bet. I'll pick you up at 8?''

''Perfect. You know bridge street campus?''


''Dorm 108,''

He brushed his lips across my cheek slowly, before confirming. ''Dorm 108,''.

The End

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