Hiding in bushesMature

I should still be rehearsing seeing as I have a show coming up soon, but like usual, my curiosity had got the better of me. So I turned off the music and went made my way outside. I heard Lexi giving whoever it was a telling off before I left, for which I was grateful. But it wasn’t good enough, I wanted to tell him off myself. After all it was me he was watching, it was me he called beautiful. Which was completely inappropriate, which was why I was now standing outside the studio where he had been a couple of minutes before. Damn it. I missed him. Sighing I turned around and started to make my way to my dorm. I didn’t really feel like rehearsing now.

I was quietly humming to myself when I heard a wolf whistle. I looked behind me but the path was empty, so I continued to walk.

“Shut up Josh, we’re trying not to get noticed, remember?”, whoever was whispering should learn to do it a little quieter. I tried to focus on where the sound was coming from.

“Who wouldn’t want to be noticed by that sweet thing?”, I turned to see a bush, which was shaking about. This would look normal had there been any wind. Realising that who ever was whispering was in there I walked towards it.


“Oh crap”, came the response and two boys popped their heads up, “Hey there”. I recognised him immediately, and he clearly recognised me.

“I was hoping to catch you. I’d like a word”, I showed no emotion, other then anger in my voice. I was not going to let him see I was amazed by his beauty. It’s a good thing I can act, other wise this jerk would be getting what he wanted. He stood up and put his face so close to mine I could feel him breathing. For a moment I couldn’t breathe. But again, I covered this up. He stepped back looking completely pleased with himself.

“I’d like more then a word”, he winked at me and I resisted the urge to jump on him. Instead I focused on how annoying he was and channelled that into what I was saying.

“Eurgh. You are disgusting, you know that? And what the hell were you doing watching me earlier? You had no right”

“I know, and he’s very sorry. Aren’t you Josh”, the other boy spoke and pushed this ‘Josh’ person further away from me. “I’m Wynter”

“Phoebe”, I told them shortly, making it clear I wasn’t standing in front of them looking for pleasantries. Josh was still grinning at me, this guy really had confidence. A little too much though. He was incredibly cocky.

“What a beautiful name to go with such a beautiful face”, I could feel myself blushing, which was not good. If he saw this then he would think he had won me over, and I was not about to give in that easily. I tried so hard to keep the blush down and when it didn’t work. Crap. I wished the time would just stop right there and then, that I had time to get rid of my rosy red cheeks. I wanted this so badly. And then suddenly, I felt myself shaking again, my head hurt and my vision went blurry. So I closed my eyes, and when I opened them again everything was still. Things were getting rather strange lately. First with my exam and now this. But I wasn’t complaining. I sorted my self out quickly and the blush went down. When I turned around Josh was stepping towards me, so I took a step back.

“Come on Pheebs. Don’t be like that, I was only taking a look”, he still had a grin on his face. One that made me think he was trouble.

“It’s Phoebe. And you had no right what so ever to do that. Now get out before I report you”

“Playing hard to get eh? I like it”, once again he winked at me, and once again I tried my best to ignore it.

“Come on Josh. Lets go. You’re just making un-necessary trouble”, Wynter made his way down the path to the exit of the campus.

“Fine”, Josh said accepting his defeat, “But I’ll be back. I’m making sure I see you again.” He turned and followed Wynter, clearly pleased with himself. He walked like he was master of all. Defiantly too cocky for his own good. And even though I know it’s completely childish, I stuck my tongue out at his back before I stalked off back to my dorm.

The End

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