The Shadow WeaverMature

A figure in a charcoal black cloak was leaning against an iron gate. The hood was pulled down, the face hidden in shadows. It was waiting for a person to show up, and they'd have to go looking for the man if he didn't come soon.

The wind blew through the abandoned church behind the figure, a few brown leaves drifted through the air. They swirled around, some falling on its hood and shoulders. It didn't so much as flinch, but with the nearly inaudible sound of movement to their right its head snapped sideways, unseen eyes raking the landscape.

It saw a white cat trotting over to them, and then morph into the shape of a man. He smiled and smoothed down his black t-shirt adorned with a white skull and crossbones, his spiked hair completely immobile in the wind.

"Shape shifter." the cloaked figure spoke in a voice that could have been a high voiced male or a low voiced female. The figure moved with an elegant stride standing just in front of the man.

"So, you're Devlin?" the man asked. The figure did not confirm nor deny this, and so the man continued. "I'm Tom. The, uh, shape shifter?"

"I know who you are." the figure spoke. "Follow me."

The figure started away toward the church, and with one swift kick the gate jarred open. "Please, follow me." the figure repeated.

"You... you are the Devlin I talked to on the phone, right?" the man asked as he ran to catch up.

"Yes, this is correct. " The figure said. It pushed open the door to the church, almost no light  filtered in except for the light spilling in from now opened door. It gestured for the man to go in first, and he did. The figure closed the door behind them, and the room was sent into near total darkness.

"Where are the lights?" the man yelled. The man was searching around on the wall for a switch, but the figure could see better in here than out in the sunlight.

In the near complete darkness, the figure removed its hood and raised its hands. It could feel the energy of the room, strength flowing both into him, and out into the shadows.


"It is time for you to be judged." the figure spoke.

The figure manipulated the darkness, and he felt for a shadow spot in the room of the elders. Once he could feel it, he opened a hole below the man.

He screamed in terror as he fell, and the figure sealed the hole of darkness below the man. He could feel the man exit the other side, and then detached his consciousness from the darkness. He was not aloud to see someone be judged. 

It then felt around for the shadow nearest his Commander. When he found it, he made the shadow carry his voice. "I have brought in the shape shifter. The elders are judging his power now, and I await further commands."

"Well done, Devlin. Come into my office." a harsh, rough voice replied.

The figure let the darkness absorb him, and as he walked out of the shadows of his Commanders office, he severed the link between there and the old church.

"You, " the Commander started. "are the most highly skilled shadow weaver I have ever seen. You may rest until tomorrow, then you will go on another recovery mission."

Devlin eyed the Commander for a moment before asking "And what is this mans wrong doing?"

"The same as the previous man." the Commander spoke calmly. "Public usage of supernatural powers. You are excused."

"Of course, Commander." Devlin said. He took a step backwards into the shadows, vanishing from both site and the room itself.

The Commander turned back to his papers, minutely shaking his head and muttering to himself. "That boy scares the hell out of me."

The End

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