The Curse of CurvesMature

I don’t know why I agreed to this. My head was pounding from the fall and I felt a bruise forming on my arm. Why he had to be a complete jerk I did not know, but even thinking that, I am also a jerk for agreeing to help my idiot.

I looked up to apologize and hopefully scramble away from the mess Josh and I had made.

“I’m sorry for -” I was instantly cut off. This girl standing in front of me had the most beautiful face I had ever seen. Her chestnut brown hair cascaded down in waves along her bare shoulders and back. And oh god… her skin, it looked as smooth and soft as silk, a creamy silk that made me want to –

“Yeah! You should be asshole!”

“Chill out beautiful.” Josh got up from the floor and wound his arm around the beautiful girl’s neck. Her eyes turned an awful steel colour and I flinched as her expression grew grim. I tried to sooth her with some calming feelings but she resisted me. Wait? How could she do that… My thoughts were quickly interrupted as I saw Josh trying to get too comfortable.

“Okay, enough Josh, I think we’ve caused enough trouble for one day. Let’s go.” I didn’t like the way he looked at her, not one bit. I didn’t like that he was harassing her so obviously. I felt the need to protect her, which was new for me.


“Okay Wynter, way to be a sissy man. Couldn’t you just lighten up one girl for me to hook up with?” Josh looked at me with a serious face – well, serious for him – and I slapped his back with as much force possible.

“Errr, no.” I was happy with my answer and I got up to walk out of this damn school before anything else bad happened, but sure enough, wherever Josh Hawking’s was, something bad was destined to happen.

“So, what’s your name? And why are your eyes all weird?” My eyes bulged out of their sockets at what he had said so casually to this poor girl.

“I’m Lexi, who the hell are you and what are you doing in an all girls academy?”

My eyebrow cocked; I liked Lexi, she had a certain enthusiasm about her.

I could feel a subdued pleasure overwhelming my body and I couldn’t tell where it was coming from, although Lexi’s eyes were a mixture of green and yellow, and they focused on me very closely. Almost as if she was trying to analyse my inner thoughts.

“Hi, I’m Rowan Wynter, but I prefer Wynter. Nice to meet you; umm, sorry about that little show of ours. I work at the grocery store downtown.” I stuck my arm out to shake her hand and almost told her everything about myself. What was wrong with me? I would never have done that willingly!

“Cool. Listen; you need to get out of here okay. Like I said, it’s an all girls academy. If you are seen you might be handed over to the authorities, this is a private institute.” She looked at me the whole time, not fazed about what I had said. Her eyes were daring to change to a turquoise colour, how could she do that? I was perplexed. I had to find out, but for now, Josh and I needed to get out of there.

“Sure, no problem, what’s the best way to get out?” I stared deep into this girl’s eyes’, I had to know, I just had to. I wanted to make her feel like telling the truth and it almost worked, I could see her eyes swirling in temptation.

“Aha! That is where I cannot help you boys.” With that, she flicked her shiny brown hair over her shoulder and turned away from us. Her tight denim skirt showing the cute curve of her legs, bum and hips. She swayed her curse of curves as she walked to her next class. Her torso was leaning side to side as she shifted some of her books. Her clingy pink tank top showed the strap of her bra. My eyes glazed over in lust. If only I could get under that shirt, stroke that silky skin and ping off that strap with my bare tee –

I was cut off by Josh yanking my hand.

“Come on lover boy, I hear someone coming, and it’s not pretty.”

“Shit…” I muttered under my breath as we both headed for the southbound exit.

The End

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