Hawkings CharmMature

The University of Arts? Hmm Perfect.
I made my way towards the iron-cast gate. Locked. So thats how it was gonna be. Fine.
I looked around,  scoping out the entrance. Solid brick walls, about 8 ft tall, impossible to climb single handedly. This was definately going to be one for the both of us.
I pulled out my mobile, and scrolled through the contacts...

"And how is my favourite boy on this lovely afternoon?"

"What d'you want?" He sighed,

"That obvious huh?"


"How long d'you reckon it would take you to get to the University of Arts?"

"The big, posh looking one?"

"Yeaah. That one."

"'Bout 10 minutes?"

"Perfect. I'll be the dashing young man by the gate."  I said, shutting my phone.

   I leant back against the wall, listening for some sign of the living inside there; an argument was taking place behind me, well in the main building behind me. Two girls, screaming at one another, interesting. What I wouldn't give to see this taking place in a naked mud wrestling match. What I wouldn't give to be apart of that naked mud wres-

"Hey, anything interesting?" It was Wynter, my partner in crime.

"Not really." I grinned,

"So, why am I here?"

"Reckon you could help me over that wall?" He shook his head, always the dissaproving of my ingenious plans, but grinned, letting me know he had my back.

He gave me a boost, and after a couple of tries I was ontop of the wall. I helped him over and then... We were in.

We made our way over a couple of paths, when I spotted a group of girls sitting under a tree, excellent.

"Alright ladies, "  I yelled, winking at them. They giggled, obviously helpless against the 'Hawkings Charm'. I made my way forward when I heard her. 

Scanning the second story windows I caught a flash of dark brown, I needed to get closer.

"Oi. Wynter, come here."  I said, still staring up at the window.


"Boost me again?"

I climbed onto his shoulders, making sure I was secure before we actually got anywhere. Finally, I got a full view. She was, well how do I say it? Fit. No, better than that she was, infact very, very fit.

"Phwaaaor." I muttered under my breath as she moved to the music, swaying those deadly curves better than all those girls in the music videos. What I wouldn't give-

"HEY! YOU TWO! What the hell d'you think you're doing?" -And with that, I felt Wynter spin around, me still attatched to him. We fell, I say fell, but basically Wynter fell, braking my fall as I landed smoothly on his back. He moaned in agony. Whilst I layed there grinning up at the beautiful face staring down at me from the window.

"Alright gorgeous?"

The End

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