Cold Grey University DayMature

''TAXI,'' I hollered, my eyes golden brown with anxiety.

To my immense relief, the taxi came to a screeching halt. I ran forward, my eye's now a clear turquoise with joy. As I hopped in, I let my senses forward, urging them on towards the driver's consciousness. I almost sighed with relief. His mind was pure. You can never be too careful... as I know, only too well.

I made it to the university with a cool three minutes to spare. I ran up the grey stone steps, and briefly answered my fellow student's welcomes of ''Lex! How 'ya doin' '' .

I pushed open the dark wood of the lecturing hall door, and crept quickly inside. Phew. One minute to go. And universities were unbelievably strict with time keeping, as my friend, Phoebe, knew only too well. She actually had an exam this morning, a few blocks away, in an arts university. Phoebe had never yet revealed any powers, but from the first moment I laid eyes on her, two years ago, I could sense a power about her. I have been observing her quietly ever since, waiting for it to be evident, for her to realise what she was.

 My powers became known to me when I was twelve years old, and my eyes first began changing colour, to match my emotions. It shocked my foster parents at first, and they quickly had me moved on to another home. I soon learned to control this, to prevent the shocked looks and frequent glances. Now, I can control them when people are near, and I only let my eyes change when I'm alone, or when I wish for people to be aware of my mood. As well as this, I can let my conciousness move forward, and sense whether people have pure or evil minds.

Handy, trust me. This however, makes me feel isolated. Until Phoebe reveals her powers, I'm the only one- that I know of. And boyfriends always seem to shrink away from me. Once they realise that I'm not quite normal, even my pretty looks can't keep them.

As I settle down in the back of the lecture hall, I relax and finally pay attention to the professor.

The End

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