Pamela - TigerMature

This is an open collaborative story. Take it wherever it goes. Each page, is to be written from the point of view of the type of supe in the Title.

I roared, the sound reverberating through the Montana Mountains. Birds flocked from their nests, flapping a hysterical beat into the sky. The nature around me fell silent, save the sound of light footsteps in the grass. I whirled to meet my stalker with a snarl. 

Stood before me was another Tiger, a hundred pounds or so larger than me, Bengal. I am Siberian, rare. Most of my kind died out long ago. The Bengal's head slammed up against my chest, sending me rolling with a snort. I flipped back onto my feet, lowering myself onto my front paws, before pouncing. I gripped his abdomen with my claws, clinging onto his back as he bucked like a wild bronco. 

I held on for a few minutes, until my claws just couldn't get purchase anymore. I was thrown into the air, landing in a crouch with a thud. A black and orange tail whipped into the trees. He was running. I gave chase, winding through the trees in a slalom. I could move better than him. 

Within minutes, we were running side by side. I leapt on him as we got into the clearing, both of us tumbling onto the meadow in a ball. I shifted. It was instantaneous for my kind. Nothing but a pop and a little blue glow. Dale had done the same. He was dark, where I was light. My hair was fair, almost white, my skin pale, my eyes a light shade of brown. His hair was black, curling down over his sculpted shoulders. His skin was a pleasant shade of caramel, his eyes a piercing blue. 

His arms were snaked around my waist, his breath hot on my neck. His brilliant blue eyes bore into mine. He leaned in, laying his lips lightly onto mine, massaging my passion. I kissed him back, arms tightening around him. I almost got lost in him. Almost. Kara, another Tiger, slid into the clearing, sending dust up in a large cloud.

"Pamela, get inside, quick." I stood slowly, my face twisting in confusion.

"Kara, What's going on?" 

"The Poachers, they've found us." 

The End

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