Alexis: Just Another Day With Supernatural Powers!

I started the morning off with a breakfast of eggs, toast, bacon, sausage, and a carton of orange juice. Elena and I sat together. With disgust, I looked at her plate. She had a banana and a small carton of milk. Afture lecturing her about a health ybreakfast, th bell rang. WE were now forced to go to math class. Elena almost fell asleep. Most likely it was becaus she had like no breakfast. I whacked her with my pencil to keep her awake. After math, I had levitations. That class was canceled due to the fact that I had to meet my new roommate, and I was the only one in the class. I walked into my bedroom to see a guy sitting there. His stuff was unpacked already.

"Umm. Hi. Are you my new roommate?"

"Well... Yeah. My name is Thomas Little."

"That's kind of ironic. You're the tallest kid I've ever seen."

"Yeah. So what's your power?"

"Well, I can move objects with my mind. I also fly."

"Really? I have super strength and I canmove objects with my mind. So I am in both the advanced fighting class and the advanced levitations class."

"How dod you end up in the advanced classes?"

"Well, everybody thought I was powerless. Neither of my parents have powers. But when I lifted my teacher up during weights and I picked up the 100 pound weight when I just stared at it, everybody knew something was amiss. The principal knew there was something special about me, so he sent me here."

'Oh, cool. What hobbies do you have?"

"Well, I like to paint and draw. But I'm not that good."

"Really! I love painting and drawing!"

"Is there al art class here?"

"Yes. You can switch out weights for art. Then you'll be in the same art class as me."

"Ok, great!"

"I have just one question. How on earth did you end up being a roommate with me? I thought boys and girls were on seperate ends of the school."

"Well, the boys rooms are packed. Since I'm the new kid, I get to room with the girls, who have plenty of room." We kept talking to each other and before we knew it, the lunch bell rang. We took our lunch up to our room and continued to get to know each other. Aftr lunch, we went to art class where we got in a paint war with each other, landing us in detention.  But I didn't mind. WE played hangman while the teacher left to go to the copy room. Lucky he didn't find out about what we wrote about him, or we would have detention for the rest of our life. I would never tell anybody else this, but I had made a new best friend. And he was a guy.


The End

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