Elena: New School

As me and Ronnie entered the math class she ditched me and ran over to a girl with black hair. I sighed and found a seat next to a girl with brown hair and hazel eyes. As I sat she turned towards me.

 "Hi, what's your name? she asked me.

"Elena Jones." I quietly replied. "What's yours?"

"Alexis Jenkins. So, how old are you?"

"16. And you?"

"16 as well." Just when we were getting into a conversation, the bell rang to start class. "Then she whispered to me, "Great, now we have to learn about quadratic equations. Sounds like fun." Unlike most people I know, I actually like math. So I paid careful attention the the lesson while Alexis daydreamed out the window. After math we went to science and then to English and then to history and then finally lunch.

Alexis and I sat together on the far end of the lunch room. I wasent very hungry for a hotdog so I nibbled on my chips. "So where are you from Elena?" she asked me.

"Phoenix, AZ. What about you?"

"I'm from a small town in Colorado."

"Oh cool! My uncle lives in Colorado."

She smiled at me and took a bite out of her hamburger. My roomate Ronnie walked over with her plate of food. "Hi Elena!" she said. I said hi back and stuffed chips into my mouth.

"Alexis, this is my roomate Ronnie. Ronnie this is Alexis." I introduced them.

"Hi Alex! It's nice to meet you. What are your powers?" she asked. Then they started talking about powers and school. I threw away the rest of my food then all three of us went our seperate ways to our different classes. I quickly found Elements 101 on the 2nd floor of the main building. I was shocked to see only 3 kids in the room. I took a seat by the window on the There were two boys and one other girl in the classroom. Our teacher ran in right as the late bell rang. She smiled at me then spoke. "Class. This year is going to be very exciting! We have a new student, Elena Jones." she turned to me. "My name is Amanda Evan. I dont control the elements but I have studied them for years and the facilty thought that I would be perfect to teach the class. Kids why dont you introduce yourself to Elena." They all introduced themselves but I didnt catch there names just what they could do. One boy could control earth, the other boy controled air, and the girl controled fire.

"I am so excited for this year. Now that we have Earth, air, fire, and water we can start a new study. At the end of the year there shall be a contest sort of thing. I dont know the details but one of you will be able to control all four of the elements! isnt that cool. But it's only for a month." our teacher said. The class got very excited. The rest of the class wasent much, just getting the new books and going over the chapter.

After that I went to my last class Advanced fighting/weights. I was put in advanced becuase the school tested my strength before I was completely enrolled in school. I am freaked out becuase I heard from some other kids that we have to lift weights to get stronger so wwe can learn to pick up really heavy stuff like cars. As i entered the room i was greeted by the teacher. We learned some basic fighting moves and lifted weights. I was so tired as I dragged myself to dinner that night. I almost fell asleep on the table. Ronnie had to pinch me so I wouldnt fall into my cheese pizza.

The End

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