Alexis Jenkins: A new beginner

I stood there staring at the huge building in front of me. "I still don't get it. Just because I can fly and move objects with my mind doesn't mean that I have to leave home to go to some stupid training school." The building in front of me had a brick foundation, with heavy metal doors and tiny windows. It looked very ancient and creepy. I sighed again, grabbing my luggage and yanking the heavy metal doors open. I walked inside, and I finally realized there were more people here than I had imagined. Who could have guessed there could be so many people who had supernatural abilities?

"Hello!" A strangely excited woman practically shouted. "Welcome to the supernatural academy. We're recieving a lot of new comers, so let's make this quick. What are your powers?"

"I can fly and move objects with my mind."

"Great, so you'll be on the levetations floor. I think you will enjoy room 321." She handed me a piece of paper. Inprinted on it was my scedule. "You'll need to keep that scedule. it's your ticket to lunch. Inprinted on the back is a map of the building. It's very easy to get lost, so I would suggest you keep track of this paper."

"Ok, great. I just have one more question. Will i have my own room, or will I be sharing?"

"Well, for a few days, the room is all yours. But once another person shows up, they have to move in with you."

"Ok, thanks." I again picked up my bags and started the climb up the staircase to the third floor. To kill time, I decided to look at my scedule. "Math, boring, Science, boring, English, boring, and history, lame!" Down on the bottom, there were four other classes. Levetations and flying. It said I would have these twice a day since these powers were some very difficult classes to master. Once I could master them, then I would get two more classes corresponding to mt powers. These were advanced, so I had to take it once I aced the other ones. "Looks like fun!" Now all I had to do was unpack and report to my class. As i walked into the dormitory, the walls were white. being an artist, I saw the wall as a huge painting foundation. If I covered it in paper, then I could create a bunch of scenes and change them according to whatever mood I'm in! Looking over, I saw there was a window seat. Not by the window, but the bed was actually in the window! I hurriedly unpacked mt stuff there, putting my clotes in the nearest dresser, taking out my art paints, and making it seem comfortable. "Now that I'm settled in," I thought to my self, "All I have to do is go to Math class. Fun." I quickly climbed into the seat closest to the door, only to notice the girl sitting next to me. The bell hadn't rang yet, so I couldn't help but take advantage of the opportunity to already make a new friend. "Hi, what's your name? I timidly asked. Yes, it's true. I am very shy.

"Elena Jones." She quietly replied. It was obvious she was very shy.

"So, how old are you?"

"16. And you?"

"16 as well." Just when we were getting into a conversation, the bell rang to start class. "I quietly whispered to Elena, "Great, now we have to learn about quadratic equations. Sounds like fun." I quietly setteled down in my seat just as the teacher walked in. It was the same perky lady I saw in the meeting hall. without wasting any time, the teacher started the lesson. I started to daydream as I looked out the window into the nearby park. "That would be an amazing painting." I said outloud to nobody in particular. I could tell that I might really start to like this school.

The End

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