Supernatural Acadamy

I stared at the huge building before me, standing in shock at what was around me. It had only been one month since I  found out that I had supernatural powers. It's not everyday that you wake up suddenly able to throw your brother across the room or control a natural element. I remember how freaked out my mom was when I sprayed water everywhere using my hand or when my older brother Noah made me mad and I accidently threw him across the room. After all of this happened, a woman from Florida came to our house in Phoenix, AZ. She told us that I needed to come to this school for people like me. I still have no clue to how she found out about me but she said that it wasn't important. It took a month to get everything straightened out. So now I am finally on the campus for my new school. I was told that I have basicly the same classes from normal school. Math, Science, English, History, and four other classes to teach how to control our powers. There are all kind of different classes here for the different powers. I have to take a class for elements, a fighting class, weights, and another history class about super powers. I sighed walking up to the school with my luggage. I hoped that I would make friends, and that my roomate wont be to freaky.

As soon as I arrived in my dorm room, my roomate was already there and unpacked. She took the bed near the window. She turned when I walked in.

"Hello." she smiled. "My name's Ronnie Heart, whats yours?"

I dropped my stuff by my bed. "Um i'm Elena Jones. It's nice to meet you."

"What's your power?"

"Um I can control water and super strong. What about you?" I said as I started un packing my things.

Ronnie smiled at me. She seemed nice, she was also really pretty. "Wow that's so cool! I can turn invisible and create force feilds."

We talked for a long time then went to our first class, math. Maybe life here at the Supernatural Acadamy wont be so bad after all.

The End

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