It's Clobbering Time!...

“Hello Emma.” The henchman's voice quiet, cold, deadly. “Nice outfit.” The words mocking but the voice still cold, all business. “Doctor Zero would like to see you, Emma.”
”The name's Raven.”
Her movements a high speed blur, Raven charged the henchman, knocking aside his rifle, grabbing his arm and wrenching it violently behind his back, using his body to shield herself from the minions. The steel edge of her wing tip suddenly an unyielding pressure against the henchman's throat. The minion nearest Metallicus whirled around and fired point blank into the giant metalman's chest, screaming in pain as one of his bullets bounced off Metallicus and shattered his own kneecap and another tore through his lung. Metallicus swung out a long arm and hammered a second minion on top of his head with a steel fist, like he was driving in a spike. The minion crumpled, dead before he hit the ground. Suddenly the henchman yelled “Hold your fire!” The minions obeyed but kept their rifles raised, training their weapons on Raven, and keeping a wary eye on Metallicus, who slowly raised his hands to the ceiling.
“It appears we have a standoff, Raven.” The henchman stated calmly. “We're just small time crooks doing a job for Doctor Zero. What if we walk away and tell the Doctor we couldn't find you. Put your guns down, boys” The henchman sounding defeated now, weary. As he spoke he locked eyes briefly with the nearest minion, then looked down at a small canister attached to the minion's belt. Understanding flashed in the minion's eyes. If he released the poisonous gas in the canister on his belt, their masks would protect them for a short time, while the fools in spandex would be overcome by the gas in seconds. He bowed his head in apparent submission and slowly lowered his gun, his hand moving towards the gas canister...
Metallicus saw the glance between the henchman and his minion and knew something was up. He gauged the distance between himself and the remaining two henchmen. The other two had been within 
his long reach, but these two were a good six feet away, and as many feet apart. Too far. While he rushed one of them the other could use his (unknown) weapon against Raven. The metal giant looked down at the cracks running across the ramp at his feet, his upraised hands grazing the supports for the ramp above, and thought furiously.
The henchman saw that his minion Spike had understood his plan. In moments Raven would pay for humiliating him. He would take no chances, when the gas weakened her grip he had only to slam his heel on the pavement to trigger the spring-loaded poisoned blade in the tip of his boot. First he would kill Raven, and then the metal...wait, what was the that rumbling noise? The giant had braced his hands against the ramp overhead and was pushing with all his might. Surely he couldn't... the rumbling noise increased and cracks spread out across the ramp beneath their feet. With a sudden movement Spike grabbed the gas canister and tossed it at Metallicus, purple gas trailing behind it. With a crash the ramp beneath them gave way, hurtling them all down to the level below.
Metallicus awoke to find himself in a pile of rubble, legs pinned by a sizable chunk of concrete. Tossing the debris aside angrily he jumped up shouting “Raven! Raven!”
“Over here, big guy.” He turned around to find Raven standing there, apparently unharmed.
“The bad guys?” Metallicus queried.
“Down for the count” Raven smiled. “That's what happens to baddies who mock my superhero costume.”
“My metal body protected me from the fall, but how did...?”
“I made some modifications” Raven turned to show him the back of her suit.
“Let me get this straight. You installed an airbag behind the wings of your suit?” Metallicus held out the tip of one wing. “And I don't remember these steel edges.”
“I made a few modifications actually. Oh and partner” Raven held up a key ring with the BMW logo on the key fob. We just upgraded our ride, courtesy of some guys who won't be driving anywhere anytime soon.”
Metallicus flashed his famous steel smile. “Let's go find Doctor Zero.”

The End

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