A Surprise Attack!

Alan clenched his fists and stepped back from the car, taking a deep breath to forestall the change that gave him his name.  Weighing in at nearly three hundred pounds of flesh was bad enough. When he made the transformation to his metal form...  the car wouldn't stand a chance against his wrath.  And that would do nothing but increase their already exorbitant insurance premiums.

Alan sighed.  "I guess I'll be right back."  he turned, dejectedly back towards the elevator, his shoulders slumped.

"Umm..."  Emma fretted.

"What now?"  Alan asked, trying to keep the frustration from showing.

"You're going to leave me alone down here?"  Emma asked, the faintest tinge of pleading touching her voice.

Alan rolled his eyes.  "Jesus, Em."  He said, raising his hands.  "We both know you can whip the tar out of any five minions with your eyes shut.  Hell, you took out two of Zero's lackeys--"

"Three."  Emma corrected.

"Three of Zero's lackeys like they were nothing."  Alan looked her in the eye, saw her lips tremble slightly.  "What are you so afraid of?"

Emma had her own hands out, and she glanced down at her black and purple clad body, and said in a small voice  "What if someone sees me?"

Alan stepped closer for a moment, exasperation warring with something else.  "Tell them you're on a stakeout."  He paused for a moment, then cocked his head to one side.  "Wait, did you hear that?"

Raven lifted her head.  "What?"

"The next level up.  Sounded like a scuffed heel.  Might be foulness afoot.  Check it out, will you?  I'll get the key."

Emma raised an eyebrow.

"Go on."  Alan said, willing the shift to his monstrous metal form.  "I'll be right behind you.  It might only be a homeless junkie, but it might be car-jackers, too!"

Emma straightened her shoulders and turned her back, walking with care up the ramp towards the next level.

Metallicus turned furtively and pushed one stubby finger against the car-lock, willing the tendrils of his metal-flesh to extend into the tiny lock.  It took precision and care, to make sure the filaments that he extended into the lock weren't too tough.  They had to mold to the tumblers inside the lock without snapping them.  Should he fail, the repair-bill would just about do them in. 

At once, Metallicus sensed the click of the tumblers as his improvised key fit the lock.  He turned his finger and heard the satisfying clunk of the electronic locks in the car release.  He withdrew his finger, grinning.  "God-damn."  he said, proudly.

"Al--Metallicus"  Raven's voice came from a distance.

"Raven!"  Metallicus called out, "I've got the key.  Never mind how.  Let's get ready to roll!"

"Um, Honey."  Raven called out.  "There's some folks here to see us..."

Metallicus stomped up the ramp of the parkade until he could see the five men in black riot gear spread out around Raven.   They had shiny silver rifles and black masks that covered their lips and noses.  They looked like they might actually know what they were doing.

Metallicus frowned.  The one directly in front of Raven was bigger than the others--he wasn't a minion;  he was a Henchman. 

"What do they want?"  Metallicus called out.

The Henchman's eyes didn't leave Raven.  This was bad.


The End

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