Into the Parkade...

It didn't make for much of a supermobile.  After Nortel's fall in the late nineties, Alan had to sell the Stealth and downsize everything.  Most of his stocks had been accumulated themselves upon Nortel based on a tip from a savvy broker.   When Alan wasn't suited up as Metallicus he'd be proudly wearing a Nortel T-shirt or handing Nortel pens to all of his acquaintances.  Or inviting them to drive the Stealth with the supercharged Turbo or maybe swim in their pool?

Anyhow, they lost the house and moved into a one bedroom apartment in lower Cosmotropolis.  Alan had  tried to pawn his USS Enterprise models and Warhammer figureines on E-Bay, but nothing could save the car.  With little left after groceries, they had ended up going to AB CarSales where Bankrupty was no problem!    

After much consternation, they had settled on a used 1998 Pontiac Sunfire.  It was red - Emma needed it to match her outfit and since the dealer had nothing in mettalic blue,  Alan had agreed.

It didn't matter.  A superhero was a superhero because he did  super things no matter what they drove.  Alan had tried to explain this  to Emma one hot summers evening as he attempted to pry one of her wings from a passenger seat window that refused to open.  This would be the wing that is currently patched with styrofoam.

And there they were,   About to fight crime.  During a bout of what one might call post-losit-it-all depression, both had spent the last few months looking forward to shows called "Ramseys Kitchen Nightmares" and browsing Facebook.

But here they were.  Standing tall.  Excitmenet coursing through their veins.  It was that time once again.  It was that time to fight crime.  Raven charged the laser emulsifier on her forehead with a flick of a switch and a low whirring sound.  Metallicus astood tall, hands on his hips and flexed his biceps.  They looked the part and they were ready.

The car sat there.  To test it's limits, Alan had pushed it to 160 before he had to use his metallic hue, fusing metal within the engine using the power of his mind, in order to stopgap the smell of burning oil coming through the front vents. 

Nothing mattered.  Not now.  Emma was able to overcome the constant contempt she had of Alan for squandering away their life savings without a single consult.  He had told her that he just liked Nortel.  She could have told him it was a stock market Titanic.  That did not matter.  Not now.  She was exhilirated, remembering the lucrative opportunites that fighting crime presented.  They would make it back to the good times.  That Emma was sure of.

Alan stood before her and moved his way to the passenger side of the door.    He stood upright and looked across the car at her.

"Emma", said Mettalicus

"Yes, Metallicus", said Raven, putting a sultry spin on her lover's name.

"Tonight, we start anew!  Criminals but be wary!  For, tonight, Metallicus and Raven paint the sky!"

Paint the sky?  Raven wondered where that came from but nodded with him and pumped one fist in the air.

"Metallicus needs some keys, dear Raven", said Alan, one hand on his hips, one hand offered up in the air, in a gesture to receive.

"Didn't you grab them?", asked Emma.

"You know I don't have pockets", purred Metallicus.

"Aaaah, there they are.", said Raven sweetly.

"Well, then, toss them here, we must be off"

"Oh, Metallicus, I'm afraid I can't do that"

"For whatever why not?", thundered Metallica impatiently.

"Because, Alan, it seems you have locked the damned car keys, in the car, again"

The End

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