First Steps of The Raven

"I suppose, though I really hate admitting that you are right, that this outfit isn't so bad. There is way more give than I ever thought there would be." she said. "And, well, I do look kind of hot in it. Not that it matters, I'm just saying."

She took a moment to gaze at herself in the full length mirror, ignoring the fact that she could feel Alan taking a nice long look at her himself. She knew that she should be fighting against the feeling of excitement the suit was causing her, but she was starting to come around to the idea of wearing the suit.

"So, are we going to stand around here all night looking at your reflection or are we going to head out and fight some crime?" Alan said smugly, knowing just by looking at her that Emma was loving the suit he had created for her. "I still can't believe the words 'you were right' came out of your mouth."

Sadly, Alan had yet to make his millions on the ever fluctuating stock markets, so heading out into the night was slightly less glamourous than speeding out of a darkened cave in a fancy car. The two superheroes were forced into the small elevator that would take them to the parking garage 16 floors below his apartment. As Alan crammed his massive body into the elevator he tried to help Emma in without damaging the wings that had cost so much to add to her costume.

"I am suddenly regretting putting this rediculous outfit on again," Emma grumbled as she stood awkwardly bent at the waist so her wings would fit into the elevator. "This isn't exactly the dignified entrance to the superhero world I was expecting. God, I hope no one else plans on getting in this thing."

As the doors opened into the darkened parking lot they realized they were no longer alone.

"Good evening Mrs. Barker," Alan mumbled as if a child in grade school again.


The End

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