An Emergency Beckons Metallicus and Raven

Ever the proffessional, two days later, Alan's crime fighting partner, Emma, was to be found clad as superhero, Raven, ready to save mankind at a moment's notice!

Alan smiled and raised an eyebrow when, just moments later, the  emergency light on the mantlepiece started to flash alternate red yellow. She was always a minute ahead when danger was afoot he mused.

Within minutes, he too, had donned his latex and stood as Metalicus, firm and proud, before Raven. She gasped to see him before her in his tights again! It reminded her of the day he'd rescued her from the evil Dr Zero. For some time after that, she couldn't recognise Alan as Metalicus until he put his tights back on. She had stood, her eyes transfixed by his extraordinarily manly physique, and gasped breatlessly, "So! you really are Metalicus!" It was a breath taking transformation and it was true, it did give people something to focus on!

Raven tried not to focus on it anymore, and instead admired her own perfect, peach like posterior through the mirror.Then, putting her arms through the loops of the leather wings, she gave a knowing smile. She had to admire Metalicas's genius in aerodynamics! She could fly like a raven in this!

The S.A.S, the C.I.A and M.I,5, they'd all begged Alan to offer his expertise, but Alan refused, preferring instead to remain aloof and to not compromise himself as he saw it. He wanted to thwart every criminal mastermind, fight the forces of darkness and save the world from evil himself, and he didn't really trust the government agencies.

Besides, some other sinister force was at work that had control over the waterboard, the elecricity company, the telephone company,the oil companies, the house builders and the food "manufacturers," and Alan's bills, like everyone else's, had risen to a crippling degree in recent years! Even the banks were struggling to stay afloat! Alan found this difficult to understand, when the banks seemed to own everything one way or another, but the emergency light was urging them on to the scene of the crime and they had no time for reflection!

Raven and Metalicus ran to the garage where their headquarters lay hidden behind the washing machine in the corner. Using the principles of physics, and applying them to nano technology, Alan had learned to multiply the potential mass of an atom by firing it with helium through a vacuum in a wind tunnel. This, had created an "Open door world,"  where behind the washing machine there appeared the door to their head quarters!

They both ran through the open door and up the flights of stairs, flung open the upstairs window and flew out into the night sky to fight evil where ever in might lurk! However, as the night wore on, and their arms tired, nagging doubts crept into both their minds as to wether or not this really was the best way to fight corporate crime.

The End

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