Emma Tries on the Raven Outfit

Emma eyed him darkly as he left the room. Stupid outfit! Why the hell did she have to wear it anyway? Wasn't the point of an outfit to give the superhero an alias?  Normal people wouldn't have balked at this idea but Emma had hidden beyond aliases all her life and would rather be herself than 'The Raven'.

She turned to it suspiciously. Everything about it repulsed her. The obvious sexist design and then the impracticality. How the hell could she beat the crap out of baddies if she could barely walk in it! Still there was something rather compelling about it. There was no doubt that she would look good but still shouldn't she stand up for female superheroes everywhere by revolting? It couldn't hurt to look, though.

Before she knew it a look had become a touch. Then she stepped into it, pulling it over her her lithe body and suddenly as her hand reached back to zip it up; she was 'The Raven'. Well, half, she thought as she reached for the eye mask.

Tying it she sighed and took a step towards the mirror. She had to admit it wasn't bad, not bad at all. She supposed with a few adjustments it could be deemed acceptable.

"Alan," she said loudly, rolling her eyes, "You can come out from behind the door now!"

The End

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