Superheroes Wear Spandex

Metallicus convinces his new sidekick, The Raven, to try on that purple and black spandex... thing.

"I just don't get the point of wearing this... this.. catsuit."  Emma huffed.

She looked down at the tiny strip of lycra lying on the bed.  All black, with leather wings, gloves and boots, with strips of purple at strategic points.  "It's demeaning.  It's not like I need to wear that to help people."

Alan sighed and leaned back, the dresser creaking under his prodigious mass. They'd had this argument before.

"No."  he said.  "You don't need it.  But what we're doing, it's still vigilante-ism, and the uniform gives them something to focus on, rather than the face under the mask."  It was a practiced response.

"Of course it gives them something to focus on.  A suit like this.. It leaves nothing to the imagination!" 

Emma picked up the Raven suit in one hand and pulled at the micro-mesh fiber. a vague look of distaste curling her normally full lips into the beginnings of  sneer.

As Metallicus, Alan had rescued Emma from Doctor Zero's base, where the mad scientist had been experimenting on her.  He'd  seen her potential in the fight that ensued.  She had taken down three of Zero's men without even breaking a sweat.  That's when he knew he might've finally found a worthy sidekick.

Either that or he'd fallen in love.  And after months of hard training, he still wasn't quite certain which it was.

Emma had the reflexes and demeanor of a predator cat.  She had strength five times most men, and an uncanny sense of when things were about to go bad.  The problem was, of course, that Emma had her own ideas.  And the uniform he'd had made for her debut as Raven wasn't among them.

"Look, Emma."  Alan said.  "Just humor me.  One night out in the Raven outfit.  See how it feels.  If you want to go with something more... frumpy after that,we'll work something out."

Emma shook her head, making her tightly coiled ringlets swing back and forth.  "Oh please.  You just want to stare at my butt." 

Alan laughed., making the dresser creak with protest.  "While that's true, it's just...  it's just the way things are done.  Superheroes wear spandex.  It's how they know we're heroes."

The End

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