I, of course, was mortified. So much so that I was having a hard time pulling out of the pharma guy. Which just made everyone else laugh harder. He started flailing around, trying to communicate, all the time shouting at these laughing strangers, “Oh my god, why won't he stop doing that!” Before standing stock still and screaming the passwords I was still frantically searching his mind for.

The extraction took longer than it should have, the team had a “breakdown in communication” and couldn't pick me up. So I sat on the corner and cried. Mrs. Carla and Dr. Simmons have helped me to see that night from other peoples' perspective, but at the time I was devastated. Fortunately, Dr. Simmons was overseeing the operation and came to help me. She managed to convince the higher ups that I needed better care after that night.

“And that's the story I wanted to share.” Sally scrooched back into her seat and folded up behind her knees and nodded; Mrs. Carla sagged in relief.

“Thank you, Sally. And again, I'm sorry for my behavior the first time you told me that story.” She turned toward me and my heart sank a little. I knew it was coming, and I wanted to share, but public speaking always makes me uncomfortable. They say it helps to take a deep breath, so I did. Then the words sort of fell out of me.

I'm an Empath. Telempath, technically. I can control peoples' emotions with my brain, even mostly on purpose anymore. I don't really like being around large groups, and tonight I guess I'll tell you why.

The End

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