Sally 2Mature

The team followed him from his house to a local pub one night, to get me close enough to read safely. Edith spent a lot of time trying to convince herself that I was ready, but she seemed to hide it pretty well. The rest of the team were reassured. Unfortunately, I knew better than to believe what she said.

I felt like such an ass, sorry Mrs. Carla, walking into that bar in that stupid top and the pants they had to sew me into. The Major said he wanted an authentic cover but he just wanted to see me in a thong. Rat Bastard. Sorry Mrs. Carla.

It took me a second to tune into him, lots of people thinking noisily about drinking and sex, but when I did it was amazing. I'd never used my power to do something so important before. Other people needed me to do it and I was doing well... I thought I was doing well. But I wasn't very good with my power yet, and all the stress and excitement must have made me sloppy.

He noticed me. Pretty bad. He stood up in the middle of the pub and started freaking out while saying all the things I was thinking. He, uh, narrated his own panic attack. He stood up and knocked over his stool yelling, “Oh no! He noticed me! What?! Stop saying that! Stop saying THAT!” There was a second where everyone seemed to be trying to decide if he was crazy or part of some kind of prank show. Then everyone in the building started laughing. I think one of the bartenders might have peed themselves. Sorry Mrs. Carla.

The End

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