Mrs. Carla thanked Ed for sharing and went to move the meeting along when she got this look on her face. Confused and afraid. Sally was talking to her. Sally is mute, slightly telepathic, and spent her childhood locked in a Blacksite, so most of the time she wanted to talk back then she had to ask someone for permission to use their mouth. A process for which she was deeply contrite. She was a teddy bear, the idea of forcing herself into someone else's head, even someone like Mrs. Carla (who's signed a goddamn waiver to allow it, who actively encourages her to communicate) made her all mopey and apologetic.

One awkward exchange of facial expressions later and they had apparently come to an understanding, because Mrs. Carla started talking in that weird tone that people get when Sally rides them.

“Sorry, Mrs. Carla is just always telling me to express myself more, and that it's okay to ask when I feel like talking. I just felt like I should share too. I'll try to be quick.”

My first time out of the Lab was... uninspiring. They said they wanted to “test my value as an in-field asset.” So they sent me out with an ops team and a handler and everything. The job was to single out a mid-level researcher at one of the big pharma companies and read some of his secured information, especially any active passwords. Edith, my handler, thought that he worked on some black budget program and was planning to leak. She didn't like “traitors.”

The End

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