Big Ed 3Mature

The gunshot had cowed her a bit, which probably helped in the long run, she could have hurt herself struggling. After I got the canopy off and undid the straps she perked back up. The blindfold came off and she ducked over the side of the pick-up. Given her situation I understand her suspicion, and the way I look probably didn't help. After a few minutes of cooing noises and explanation she seemed to accept that I wasn't going to carry her off to a cave or anything.

That was when I met Dr. Simons, the lady that runs this place. Apparently, those people had tried to kidnap her in order to find out where people like me are kept. Some kind of red-neck paramilitary thing, wanted to weaponize the “monsters” and overthrow the so forth and so on.

“She convinced me that I could lead a better life and maybe help some people if I came to work with her at the Facility.” He smiled as he said it. Ed has done a lot of good over the years and the Doc has been a big part of that. He deserves the warmth he clearly feels when he thinks of her. The Doc's saved more of us than anyone ever thought she would. And done better for us than any of us ever hoped.

“Anyway,” Ed sat up a little straighter in his massive, custom-built folding chair. (It looks ridiculous but Mrs. Carla insisted, “so he felt more like a normal part of the group.” She said.) “That's how I ended up here.” Its pretty rare for Ed to share anything at all, so something so formative for him hit pretty hard. Even Tom managed to keep the snide look off his face.

The End

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