Big Ed 2Mature

Then I hear someone riding hell-bent for leather down the road. This bridge wasn't super safe at sane speeds, these people were begging to get themselves dropped into a hole. I figure, “Hey, I'll do a little good deed.” Stop this car, keep someone alive for another day, maybe make a couple bucks from the cup-holder fund.

I come out from under the bridge and go to stand in the road, just in time to see this little covered pick-up take the last corner before the ravine too hard and go sailing into a tree. Before I even had time to think about it I was standing next to the truck. The passenger was pretty messed up, took most of the tree by himself, but the driver looked like she'd probably be alright. So I pull the door open and start trying to get her moving, get her to call an ambulance for her friend. Then I hear this noise coming from the truck bed.

Turns out these people had a blindfolded girl strapped to the bed of their truck. The crash didn't seem to have done any real damage, but she seemed pretty riled by the whole situation. She had managed to work one of her hands free in the crash and was giving the other one a hell of a go.

All the commotion must have woke the driver, because when I reached to help the girl in the back she shot me in the face. Which I imagine had proved pretty effective in the past. So when in this particular instance it didn't, it took the wind out of her sails. She screamed, threw the gun at me, and crawled out through the windshield. She didn't seem like she was going to do much harm running screaming through the woods, so I figured I'd better help the girl in the truck.

The End

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