Christian 3Mature

I pull the sword out and open the box and she's just standing there. Frozen solid in that weird little head harness thing that comes with the camera. We get her taken care of, right? Then we go to check out the video, see what all the hysterics is about. Turns out, that sword? It went through her.

Now, I know what your thinking but it's not supposed to do it like this. Like, clean through. A hole, bigger than the sword, opens up inside this chick. The sword passes through her, without even touching the sides of the hole. The sword goes out the back of the box. It was like her... meat... just got out of the way. We asked one of the other girls I'd done the bit with if the video looked familiar and she just started crying.

“After that Sid said he knew of, like, a support group, that might be able to help me out. I dunno, I think that box is haunted or cursed or something, But Sid's pretty insistent so here I am.” He settled back into his folding chair with a look that wandered between pretentious and sheepish.

There was a beat where everyone sat flummoxed by Christian's torrential tale and how little he seemed to understand what was going on. It was Big Ed that broke the silence.

The End

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