Christian 2Mature

“Chris-” he calls me Chris. “Chris,” he says, “these girls have got me worried. This new bit is killing you. They come out of the box-” one of those boxes where you put 'em in and drive the swords through 'em, right? “They come out of the box all shaky, can't even stand up. I've got to make sure they get sorted out, gotta find you a new sidekick. And then there's the whole thing with Sebastian and his fuckin' thing,” he says. Sebastian's a hack Sid works with on the side, I don't even know why he bothers. Anyway, he says, “We've got one more girl for you, figure out whats going wrong and fix it.”

So I take this new girl- I think her name was Monica. Monique? Whatever. I take her and I put her in the box. Tell her I'm trying a new thing, so I need her to wear this little camera on her head, and see there's another one inside the box. So people can really see what its like in there or whatever. She gets in the box and I start going through all my incantations and warm-up, for when the crowd's there. And everything is fine, right?

Then I get started, I whip out this big-ass sword and just slam it into the box. And I mean, its sudden, but there's a good lead up so she has time to brace herself. Well this chick starts screaming! I'm thinking something went wrong, right? 'Cause nobody else screamed, you know?

The End

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