Supergood Part II.Mature

Ah yes, The joy of lunchtime. When kid is free. Although our typed of lunch isnt all to be happy about. Tends to end up with De-Shoeing somebody or giving out atomic weggies. Quite unbelievble to think we are adults next year. Fuck it, Your young once. May aswell enjoy it. Hope nobody ever hears me say that, Il be shot for such a cringe saying. It was a pretty ordinary lunch, Slagging, Laughing, Planning and so on. New material arose though, Whenever a girl walks by we chant '' Doorap,Doorap'' Symboling a '' lick out'' while shaking our fists in a ''wanker'' like gesture. Obviously created by Bread, The dirty bugger himself. Quite the filthy boy, Once he did a deed so unthinkable i cant quite describe it. Involving one of our mates Gran-Aunt,a rubber fist and a bag of wotsits.

The weekend was getting close, only 1day left to plan, We began to plan our saturday night. All-Bran (Another friend of ours, More or less our greasy deal spending his free time doped up or playing dreamcast, His obsession with the 90's is quite strong. Always wearing gear with quotes like '' Mtv rocks'' and '' Fuck school, I have Sister, Sister'') But yes, All-Bran was staying at his grans saturday, So looks like Friday was when we would go out. After long hours (Approx 7minutes) We came to the conclusion of smoking weed, And then setting off clubbing. This was'nt really our thing. As i stated before it was all about the feild man. But like always another problem arose. How will we get to the clubs? Ricardo, Our brazilian friend can drive, So we decided to cram into his 2 seater hatchback.

''But we wont all fit'' shouted All-Bran. 

Everybody waiting for somebody to do it...

''Thats What she said!''

There we go. Ofcourse somebody would rise to the occasion. Now the plan was made, It was time to play the waiting game. Inevitable somebody would bail. Always ends up just the 5 of us. Myself,All-bran,Bread,Thor & Dougy. We became known as '' The Camel Toes'' Stirdy and able to walk through anything. 

The End

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