Another day in the life of an irish lad.

Siting inside class is never a good thing, But this time even more so. I have double Biology, With a teacher called Pedo. Culloty. Speaks for itself really. I suppose school kids do make up alot of nicknames for teachers just to be nasty, But this one was too right, He was a dirty fat man. Always perving on the girls... And sometimes boys at that. My best ways of getting through class are thinking about weekends, And what to steal. I suppose thats a stereotype English lad, But i dont live there. Moved when i was 13 to Ireland. Hated it at first, But getting used to life here now. Still not easy growing up here when your English you know getting the odd, ''Fuck off ya English Cunt''. I kind of want to stop writing this, I feel gay. Plus i can feel Pedo. Culloty's warm nasal breath running down my innocent school boy neck. He keeps looking at me and asking what im writing, See im supposed to be doing something to do with rectums or some shit, But i have to keep a journal for anger management,And i have a meeting this evening. And have'nt really been doing it. So may well catch up now. My councillor seem to enjoy when im honest and crap, so i may aswell take you step by step through my class, Yes conversation and all.

I walked into class, My mate Doug was sitting at the back,Leaving me a space next to the dyslexic pavees ( Irish gypsies) that reek of dirt and smoke. 

Well boyyyyy roaring across the classroom like the muppet he is. 

''Ah saving me the best seat huh? ''

''Besht in the house Twiggy'' * Twiggy being a dirty nickname i picked up somehow.

'' I told you old man, Dont call me that''

''Dont call me old man so bah.''

''Well for one you are, And secondly you called me Twiggy first,''

''Tocuhe'' He quickly replied.

I sat down to discuss the same old shit we usually do, Beors ( A decent looking chick, Most likely skanky) And gat ( Irish term for alcohol of any kind).  We got talking about gatting on this weekend coming, All we needed was a venue. Most likely a field, Thats how we usually end up. drunk on a cold fanny-less night.But now we're 17 things must change, Senior year, We have mates who drive!! But no, Still drunk, cold and a shortage on moff. Serious brain rattling was going on my behalf, Doug was too busy flirting with some chick infront. Failing ofcourse. Hes not the most suttle of people. But still somehow managed to bang a slightly older lady one evening. I mean she was drunk and vomited on him, But heck if it goes in, Whos compaling? (Apart from her parents after the law suit that is) Then bang, The golden gates open on us, Angelic singing goes off, Bread walks in. (Another friend with a strange name) Walking towards us with a dirty smirk, Pretending to shag a bent over girl while coming up. The reason for all the gold and singing, He IS the man with the plan. And he still is. Hell to the yeah-ya. Bread has purchased a 50bag for Saturday. Still dont solve our girl problem, But this is a step. Worried about doing the ganja though, Last time that happened i woke up upside down, Hairless fearing for my life.  Thats what happens when we go out though, Boredom and Munchies kick in around 3am. Now we were set with mind boggoling material for the weekend, Better go peer pressure our pal Thor (He's pretty strong) To use his house. 

The End

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