The elevator opened into a room. Big surprise, right?

The room was circular, with a walkway that went around its entire outer edge, and the inner section was lowered, with stairs along the entire outer edge of it, to get to the higher bit. In the middle there were couches that hugged the circular shape of the space, and hanging above these at various positions were screens and monitors of differing size, all displaying different things.

And there were people everywhere.

I hadn't been expecting this many people. I had thought I was the only one of my kind until recently, but there were tons of people in The Onion.

Spike started walking along the outer edge of the room and I followed. We were approached by random people from the group, each of whicn Spike introduced in turn.

"This is Bonnie, she can make people uncomfortably warm."

Human space heater.

"Harold, he can trip people."

Human tripwire.

"Martin, he can hover about a hand's width off of the ground."

Human hovercraft.

"Here's Eve. As long as she's indoors, she can make it as dark as she wants."

Human light switch. Every single one of these people could easily be replaced with a machine. Now I know how factory workers feel.

But she is kinda hot...

Eve was, go figure, pretty dark and gothic looking. Even her name fit her power. But she was definitely a looker. It was too bad she was almost as good as Pyro at looking like she wanted to kill me. The two were probably dating or something.

We made it to the other side of the room and exited through another door into a long hallway. After a short walk we stopped at another door and gathered around it as Spike set his hand on the knob.

"This is the most important part of the Headquarters; without this we would be a mess. We wouldn't get anything done at all."

With a great deal of grandoise, he turned the knob and slowly opened the door.

I was expecting some sort of supercomputer, but it just looked like a kitchen to me

"This is the kitchen," Spike confirmed. "And that is Paulie."

A young guy, working at the stove, waved at us without turning away from his work.

"What's his power? Boiling water? Cooking meat? No, wait, washing vegetables?"

"He's completely invulnerable to any physical harm..."

I was pretty shocked by this; finally, a useful power?

"...and he's also blind and deaf. I don't know how he does it, but he's an amazing chef."

Well, that explained it. "How did he know we were in here then?"

"He felt our footsteps. But come on, we're leaving now. You have to see the Core, and meet Zeke."

The End

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