Chapter 1The leaves were changing to reds and oranges signaling that it was fall. I was walking back to school wit my friends. We were talking and laughing. “I don’t want to do any more homework, though.” Whined my friend Annie. We were trying to convince

The leaves were changing to reds and oranges signaling that it was fall. I was walking back to school wit my friends. We were talking and laughing. “I don’t want to do any more homework, though.” Whined my friend Annie. We were trying to convince ourselves that going back to school would be fun. I didn’t need much convincing since my school was a lot more fun. These girls school wasn’t quite as exciting.

The thing was. I hadn’t been to a normal junior high or elementary school since second or third grade. Since, I was eight I’d gone to a special school. Made for training students to become spies. Yes. Spies. I wasn’t going back to the school these girls were going to. These girls had been my cover for the summer. They were sort of friends, but mostly I was acting out a part.

For my school during the summer, if you didn’t have a family who worked with spies you had to have a cover. Since I didn’t have a family. I went undercover. “What about you, Nicki?” Asked one of my cover friends “Are you excited to go back to school?”

“Yeah.” I said. “It’ll be fun. Can’t wait to see friends.” We walked along the sidewalk. The wind blew a cool breeze, making our hair fly. The other girls continued chatting. I saw a black 2012 Accura car pull up along the sidewalk and stop. The window rolled down. “I’ve got to go.” I told my ‘friends’. “I have a dentist appointment.” I walked towards the car and got in. The girls waved and I waved goodbye before rolling up the window.

“Ready to go back to school?” The man driving the car said. He was also an agent, though much more advanced.

“Yep.” I said. “I’ve been dying!” It was pretty boring up here, I couldn’t do anything spy related really.

The man nodded and we drove to school. It was about a four hour drive. The whole time I was so excited. My best friend and my only ‘family’, Danny, would be there. I hadn’t seen him for three months. I couldn’t wait.

Finally we pulled up in front of the brick walls that was the school. I got out of the car and felt jelly legs for an instant until I saw the familiar mischievous grin and elfish face of Danny McCord. We hugged quickly and he grabbed my bag. “I can take that!” I said.

“I know you can.” He said with a smile. “But, you would know where you put it.” Then he ran off with my bag. I chased him up the stairs into the dorms where he finally dropped my bag. Then he ran off. Girls and boys weren’t allowed to stay in the same dorm, but family was allowed to be in each other’s dorms and Danny was technically family.

Danny was also my partner. Just like police could have partners, so could spies. It was usually girl-girl or guy-guy but Danny was an exception. Danny and I had been friends ever since I had first gotten to this school. My parents had died when I was seven years old in a car crash. I had been put into foster care, but the school had noticed me after I got in a bit of trouble. So I’d been brought here. They were pretty sure they could help me. I had been kind of scared coming here and Danny had been the first to try and make friends. And we had stayed friends ever since.

I unpacked my stuff in my dorm and went down to the grand hall to meet with my friends. I took a secret corridor from my closet to the grand hall where everyone would meet. I found a lot of hidden passageways and secret hallways everywhere. To me, they were obvious, I had a bit of OCD so whenever I saw something a tiny bit off, I usually found something.

Even though we were spies, all my friends and I always got back and chatted like regular girls on the first day of school. We hadn’t seen each other for three months and there were so many things to talk about.

Headmaster Julies greeted us all in the great hall. “Welcome back students.” She said. “To school. There have been a few changes this year. First, Classes will begin at 7:00 AM instead of 7:30 AM.” This erupted a groan from almost every student. Julies continued “And we will have a new initiates meeting tomorrow at 9 in here.” She gave us a few more announcements and then dismissed us to go do our own thing. I went back to unpack when I heard voices down the hall. I listened to the wall and heard “Need… Disappear…… Bug….” I opened my door to listen in but the voices were gone.


I went to go visit Professor Kin. She was my favorite professor of all my years here.  She was about 25 and she always had a treat for me. She wasn’t one of my professors anymore. She only taught 5th years (Fifth grade) through the 7th years (seventh grade). I was in my 9th year so I didn’t have her anymore. She was my idol. She had been a spy ever since she was a teen and she loved to tell stories of her daring escapes.

I went down to her room on the first floor and went in. She wasn’t at her desk right now. I sat down in the huge comfy recliner in the back of her room. After about ten minutes I got bored and went to her desk to get a treat. In one of the drawers was a slip of paper. Curious, I picked it up. On it a few words were scrawled “Linchey….Coup…..unknown…. bug discovered…” I wondered what that was about. I had heard about a coup before. It was a plan to uproot a government. Vice principal Linchey worked here, but I didn’t know how his name was associated with a coup. And what about unknown and a bug being discovered? As I was thinking about it, Vice Linchey walked in the room. I quickly put the piece of paper in my pocket.  “Hello.” He said to me. He smiled. He was a middle aged man with red hair and a small mustache who looked friendly.

“Hi.” I said. I wasn’t very sure why he was here.

“Are you looking for Professor Kin?” He asked me. I nodded. “Well,” He said. “She disappeared two days ago and no one has seen her since. Probably on some mission.” I nodded.

“Okay.” I said. “Well, at least I got a treat.” I left with Linchey watching me leave. He had this weird expression on his face. Like accusation and confusion. He just stared as I left down the hall and then went into Kin’s room. That’s weird I thought

I went to Professor Jordan’s room. He always had some cool treats and pictures on his wall. He was my history professor but he had also been a spy for the Navy. I strolled into his room. He smiled at me. “And how may I help you?” He asked.

“I’m in the mood for chocolate.” Jordan’s always loved chocolate and he always kept some in his room. He pulled out a box and lifted the lid.  There were more than fifty different and colorful chocolates from all around the world. I picked a white and dark chocolate swirled candy filled with caramel. I sat down in the chair across from his desk.

“Did you already go raid Julia, too?” Professor Jordan asked. Julia was Kin’s first name. I wasn’t allowed to call her that though.

“She wasn’t there.” I told him. “Linchey told me that she had been gone for two days.”

“Linchey just got here today.” Professor Jordan said. “How would he know she’s been gone?” He made a weird face.

“Maybe he had records from the past two days?” I said.

“Only the principal has access to those.” Professor Jordan said. Seeing my face he added “I’m sure he just heard it somewhere.” I nodded.

“Thanks for the chocolate!” I said as I ran out the door. “See you tomorrow.” I walked out the door. None of the things that Linchey or Jordan had said struck me as strange. Yet. 

The End

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