Spy story.

A knock came at the door. Dr. Linchey opened the door and ushered the guest inside. “The news?” Dr. Linchey asked.

“Nothing.” The guest, Mr. Undel, said. “The agents are planning to start the coup soon.”

“Tell them to wait.” Dr. Linchey said. “We need to wait for the perfect moment. We’ll bide our time, meanwhile, keep bringing any more information.”

Mr. Undel nodded. “How’s life at the school?”

“No-one suspects a thing. We may get a little army of our own.” Dr. Linchey said.

Undel turned to leave. In his tracks he noticed a small object on the wall. He turned and pulled it off. “I believe,” He said turning to Linchey, “That someone does suspect something is up.” He crushed the bug between his fingers and turned again to leave.

“Oh, and Linchey?” He stopped.

“Yes?” Linchey replied.

“Find whoever knows this and dispose of them.”

Linchey nodded. “Already on it.”

The End

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