SUPER "natural"

Things happen to us sometimes that are inexplicable, here is one that happened to me and my family.. Just one of many from this period of time.

It was one of those days, another argument, another tear, another apology.

I was tired of the constant wrangling, my ex, although not a bad person, was a bully.  I would get so angry, I had to cry, he would wind up calling me some pretty nasty names and I can remember telling him, something was going to clamp his mouth shut one day.. (I actually meant my fist) but... as long as he didn't touch me, I kept my hands to myself..

One day, he was in a foul mood for,, whatever the reason was, we had another argument, instead of arguing with him, this time I just sat on the bed and let my mind drift to another time and place.

The house that we lived in was about 60 years old at that time, in the early 80s.. The couple that had lived there, built the house, piece by piece, it was nice size large enough for the 6 children and two adults.   It sat on 1 and 1/4 acre of land.  It was in the back of Fontana, close to the mountains that surrounded Lytle Creek. 

I tell you all of this so that you can get a slight feel for the place, there was a field across from us and on the north side of us, the few houses there were spread out, not far but enough for privacy.

The wind in Fontana blew so hard, the city would close schools, it just wasn't safe.  The house was surrounded by huge Eucalyptus trees.. known as windbreakers.  The old house would creak and, if we didn't have the windows sealed, we would have a week of dust removal..  There was an air that seemed to engulf the house.. almost as if, it would protect you, as long as you respected it.. {That is another story, believe me}..

The elderly woman that rented the house to us was in her late 80s, she had inherited the house from the couple, her aunt and her husband.. Anyway, this one particular day I sat on the bed and listened to my ex call me every b--- he could think of,   I just let my mind drift. 

I doubted what I heard and I remember looking at John thinking what?  As I focused, I realized he wasn't speaking.  He wasn't calling me names, he wasn't ranting and raving, instead, he just kind of stared at me.. I realized, he'd heard it too..

"That's right, be silent, bless him, and he will inherit coals."

It was a whisper, I think.. but loud enough for both of us to hear it.. He never admitted he heard it, but, his reaction and the total ceasing of his ravings.. said it all.

Many things happened in that old house.  I found out the old man had died of a heart attack and the lady went not long afterwards.  I was told they were a quiet couple hosting dinner parties, people remarked how they had never heard them raise their voices.. The elderly lady we had rented the house from, said.. it had always been a house of peace.. That's how she said it, A house of peace.

The End

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