Super GlueMature

"Super glue"

Kuroo: You up?

Oikawa: Hm, I guess... Why?

Kuroo: A booty call?

Oikawa: I can't believe you just texted me this early just for that.. Really Tetsu-chan you are..

Kuroo: What? And besides it's damn 8 am and i really need to get on school, BUT THIS I need to work on, and you're only man who's capable of doing that.

Oikawa: Me?

Kuroo: ahuh

Oikawa: tell me to thank you later

Kuroo: Please, get into my fucking room faster

Oikawa: Alright, I'm coming~

Kuroo: Just..... Fuck me harder..

when Oikawa knocks on Kuroo's room, indeed he's been ready all the time. Topless with only just boxers shorts the clearing displaying his center masterpiece that's definitely in need.. Damn by just the majestic sight of it, he's getting his arousal too.


Iwaizumi, is awaken by his pathetic alarm clock that Oikawa had chosen to be his damn alarm tone. In fact, it's not just a simply alarm tone, but merely Oikawa and Kuroo's voice pathetically chanting "Iwa-chan Iwa-chan come on and be productive! Wake up wake up!" Even in his usual day, he seems to be bothered by his stupid room mates being so dumbass that they evade their personal space by setting his alarm clock into a mere mess.

Clearly, Iwaizumi accepts the consequences of his action when he chose to live with these dorks. He even expects that he'll gonna have a mild heart attack as time passes by in just maintaining the serenity and peace on this cursed dorm. Good thing there's Akaashi that somehow helps him, and Kenma for the latter part, but it's no use with Kenma since the boy is always concentrating on his freakin video games, he didn't mind much what's happening on their dorm.

For Akaashi, at least there's some hope. But his sense of power ability, it only affects Bokuto and Kuroo somehow.

And for Iwaizumi, it's always Oikawa, yeah always Oikawa. His dumbass friend, Oikawa Tooru.

"Iwa-chan Iwa-chan come on and be productive! Wake up wake up!" That's still ringing on his desk until he rolls over to his bed and snatches the noisy thing on his desk and turn it off.

He sets up a reminder on his phone later that he's going to change his alarm tone. He got up and fixes his bed and heads out on the kitchen. Clearly, it's his job to make them their breakfast because he's the person scheduled doing that today. Ever since that Kuroo suggested their schedules on doing some preparations on making breakfast, they have been following that now wholeheartedly. But this "breakfast scheduling thing" only applies on his room mates who can basically cooks. On the top of the list, it's just him, Kuroo, Akaashi and Kenma because nobody trusted Oikawa and Bokuto cooking skills since the day that they almost burned the whole apartment with just merely using oven, reheating a ramen. That's the one of the terrible days that they had to endure since the story spreads like a wildfire on their university and their dorm became a laughing stock. By then, they decided to just stick with the four people doing cooking, in which Kuroo excels in doing that, followed by him.

When he's about to snatch a bunch of loaf bread on the counter cabinet, he sees two people making their way on the kitchen with just a blanket wrapped around them.

He blinks twice, and again squints his eyes, maybe he's still sleepy as heck that's why he can't recognize who are they.

But when the two figure make their way opening the fridge, Iwazumi recognized the man with the chocolate-brown hair. That's definitely his friend Oikawa and just beside him, the raven bedhead room mate Kuroo.

"Oikawa?" He mumbles, carefully pulling out the snatch on the cabinet, eyeing him.

"Uh, Iwa-chan Hello~" His friend turn to gaze up on him, but he's still into the fridge hiding on the back of Kuroo who's getting something on the fridge.

But there's something wrong with Oikawa. Probably because he's not that energetic when he sees him, not like the usual morning greetings that he'll annoy him like hell. He's not used to his friend being like this like really there's a problem happening here, same with Kuroo who loves teasing his pineapple head, but now they are just quiet as toad, just hiding on the back of fridge.

He he moves just to get some of the utensils on the side of the fridge and notices that the two haven't move either. They are just stuck there like a toad, just waiting for him to finish his thing then proceeds on whatever the hell they are bound to do.

One thing that caught his eye, as he was eyeing the mysterious tandem is where the hell is Oikawa's hand? His gaze move up, and to his surprise, Oikawa's left hand is on burrowed inside Kuroo's...

Oikawa sensed that Iwaizumi knows what the fuck is happening between them and he's about to tell him that it's not the way that he thinks and yet...

Iwaizumi inhales for awhile, helping himself to calm the fuck down because he feels like hyperventilating on the disgraceful sight of his stupid friends doing things that he shouldn't seeing and heck this should be gonna be a beautiful morning and yet....

Kuroo nudge Oikawa's side for awhile, giving him indirect words to keep his sense cool and not to pissed off Iwaizumi much. And Oikawa just shakes his head and keep his mouth tightly zipped.

"Tell's not........that............Oikawa" Iwaizumi, closes his eyes as he speaks, keeping his temper inside but Kuroo thinks that he's about to burst soon.

"Tetsu-chan tell Iwa-chan to take 10 deep breaths for awhile because....~" Oikawa hums slowly against Kuroo's ears, "Because we are gonna be dead in about two seconds~"

But before Kuroo can tell that to Iwaizumi, he is interrupted by Iwaizumi again, " NO NO NO! Do I want to know? No way don't tell me PLEASE.." Iwaizumi's grip on the fork is way too much, and both Kuroo and Oikawa starts to moving two steps behind.

"Told you Tetsu-chan, we are gonna be dead~" Oikawa is still humming pathetic advice on Kuroo's side as they heads out on the kitchen.

"Damn Tooru, can u just shut up for awhile, it's not helping us either" Kuroo hisses and he yelps, "Aw! You move so much babe that.... I feel"

They word "babe" tingle on Iwaizumi's ears like he's about to puke on that disgusting word.

He's not a fan of calling endearments and yet, he is hearing that in front on him with Kuroo calling Oikawa like that.

He just closes his eyes again, and drinks his coffee as he truly process the things happening in front of him.

Oikawa pulls out another terrible pun, "Tetsu-chan you just landed on a mine~" chuckling beside him.

"Just.... Just shut up for a sec.. And OH! " Kuroo jumps on the feeling of Oikawa's hand on his.... "I told you not to do anything because..."

"STOP !! BOTH OF YOU GET OUT OF THIS DAMN KITCHEN NOW !!!" Iwaizumi's voice rattles the whole apartment.

Kuroo and Oikawa start to buckle themselves, backing away from the kitchen when Bokuto beamed at them.

"Ohoho? What in the world Iwaizumi's shouting like a freakin mother who's about to labor soon?" Bokuto's eyes drifts on the blanket barely just covering Oikawa and Kuroo's lower extremities, and only to observe what the hell is wrong with Kuroo's front and where the hell is Oikawa's hand. And he nearly chokes on the sight of them, "HOLY MOTHER OF EARTH !!!"

Kuroo shakes his head, "No bro it's just....."

"No, please Taro-chan, please get Iwa-chan out of this kitchen first because he might hyperventilate again" Oikawa turns to look at him.

But it's no use, since Bokuto is always loud, and he can't be stopped, there's no way he wont especially when it involves Oikawa and Kuroo. "Oh my god, are you just doing hand jobs here?"

"SHIT BOKUTO!" Kuroo hisses, glaring on his friend who just made the situation worst.

Oikawa looks back at Bokuto, simply gesturing Iwaizumi's place to rescue him from being "da bomb"

But Akaashi turns to appear on the door, echoing Bokuto, "Did someone mentions hand jobs?" Then his gaze fell along where Oikawa's hand is located, "Ahh.. I get it.. Oikawa-san cannot control himself that's why this happened."

"Akaashi shut the hell up, ITS NOT THE ONE YOU'RE THINKING ABOUT BUT..." Kuroo glares at him but Oikawa interrupts him, "Tetsurou, we are just doing hand jobs them shit happens !!"

"Nah, you're the to talk..."

Akaashi just shrugs, and decided to leave the matter on the bickering partners here.

"Tooru what the hell was that?!" Kuroo cannot believe that Oikawa is spilling everything about their problems to them when it's supposed to be not.

That's there problem and they should try to figure that on their own but...

Oikawa just sighs, "Tetsu-chan, there's no need to be shy, since we don't know how to solve this pathetic case, might as well tell them right away maybe they know how to deal with this one~"

Kuroo for this time, wants to punch Oikawa for being so talkative. He wants to bury himself because of this embarrassment happening around them. He intends to burst out of this room bringing Oikawa along with him since it's business after all. But now, all of their room mates knows what is happening between them.

"What's your problem?" Bokuto finally calms himself down from laughing, but still chuckling.

"I told you to bring Iwa-chan out of this room first because he's....." Oikawa glances on Iwaizumi, still was red all over, because of the revelation that he heard. Good thing he calmed down for a bit, now he's just cutting the breads, and he intently put a towel on his ears clearly not wanting to hear anything from them.

Bokuto raises his brow, signaling Oikawa that Iwaizumi's under control and he's good.

"Okay...." Oikawa sighs, and looks at Kuroo who's sweating hard on the corner but Kuroo slowly raises his thumbs up, approving Oikawa to tell their tale.

"So.. Basically Tetsu-chan and I..." Oikawa is about to start when Kenma appears on the corner.

"You mean both Kuroo and you are gay." Kenma boringly comments, while getting himself a bunch of bread from Iwaizumi. "thanks Iwaizumi" then Iwaizumi only nods and busied himself again.

"Yeah, Kuroo and I are gay....." Oikawa unconsciously repeats what Kenma had just said but he stops because it's so damn wrong. "WHAT??" Then flares at him because really Kenma annoys him alot.

"Gay.." Kenma repeats again, but it's not that cheerful as the first one. Then he proceeds their common room, leaving the rest on the kitchen.

"Anyway, everyone on this room is gay so what?" Oikawa replies at him,

"Probably not me..." Kenma barely shouts on the other room.

"What?" Oikawa turns to Kuroo, "Good thing he's your best friend or else..."

"Or else what?"

Oikawa thinks of doing something naughty on Kenma, but he just shrugs it away, "Nothing really, because he's such a stupid brat as Tobio-chan."

"Point taken.." Bokuto mumbles in distance, but shouts back at him, "Hey Oikawa, are you going to tell your fuckin tale with Kuroo or not?" Grinning, until he gets his answer when Oikawa stares back.

"Oh right, It's just that Kenma really ruined our momentum that's why I'm lost."

"Uhuh, well at least let me help you from where you started..." Bokuto suggests, but it's merely he wants Oikawa to fall on his stupid puns so that's the reason that he's helping him.

"No, I think I know now~"

"Fuck it OIkawa, just... just tell the damn story because I'm getting stiffed." Kuroo chimes in.

"Geh! Okay fine.." he shifts to Kuroo's side slowly and carefully because any move he makes will only give Kuroo much pain since they are somehow, "interconnected".

"So ugh," Oikawa starts to gesture something on his hand, on a pumping motion that both Bokuto and Akaahi get it on instant.

He doesn't dare to say the actual term, but Oikawa is actually good on it, and hell everyone knows what's his relationship with Kuroo except with Iwaizumi. "Then Tetsu-chan said that we should really go down and..."

"Oikawa why are you giving them specifics? Do you want to die later?" Kuroo yells at him, still in the verge of holding himself and trying not to die from this awkward embarrassment.

"Then?" Bokuto snaps in,

"The lube..."

"The lube?"

"You heard me right?"

"But Oikawa-san tell us why your hand is still down there?" Akaashi is getting curious now. He does have an idea when Oikawa blurted out the lube.

But Bokuto is fast enough to grasp the whole context, still waiting for Oikawa to tell them further.

“I, uh, well, you see—” Oikawa cut himself off with a yelp as he instinctively raised his right hand, reaching for the back of his neck – but it couldn’t move far.

"It's stuck?"

"Ughh.." Oikawa glances back at Kuroo, who's now shaking his head in disbelief, "Tetsu-chan had a thing of what I thought was lube, but actually, uh – it was kind of…super glue.”

"OKAY IM LEAVING GOOD BYE FUCKIN NERDS" Iwaizumi howls on the corner, grabbing his platter and slowly making his way out of the kitchen.

As Iwaizumi passes Oikawa and Kuroo, he can't hide his disgusted face on them, and Oikawa comments, "I thought Iwa-chan you're not listening?" raises his brow on him and fixes his eyes on Bokuto who just shrugs. "I told you, Iwaizumi is fine."

Iwaizumi shuts him up, "I told you don't dare to open your mouth again, you Asskawa" then closes the door behind them.

"The name suits him by the way~" Bokuto barely speaks louder than a whisper and giggles that simply echoed on the room. "Ass.... Oikawa loves Kuroo's ass.."

"WHAT THE FUCK!" Kuroo and Oikawa scream in chorus. Kuroo with horrified looks turn to look at Oikawa who's clearly enjoying and loving this talk. "Oi !"

"I think you have a point there, Taro-chan ~ !" Oikawa snickers behind Kuroo while Kuroo on the other hand is ready to strike Oikawa when he comments another stupid puns again.

"Eh? Don't try

Bokuto and Akaashi become silent. Their faces are confused mixture of shock, sympathetic pain, and amusement. Before Bokuto burst into wild laughter.

"Oh boy, Oikawa-san what have you done?" Still as placid as ever, Akaashi tries his hardest not to laugh, because really this is one of the weirdest story that he heard on the history.

Oikawa pats Kuroo's shoulder who's currently hiding his face on his hand while Oikawa wraps his free hand on his waist. "I really don't know to be honest."

Then Kenma comes on the room again, but only to comment nastily on Oikawa's retorts.

The End

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