Halfway through my fall, people begin to notice me. A figure above, dressed in dark colours, black and blue, With a skin tight navy jumpsuit, thigh high flexi-leather boots and elbow length gloves, my black cape snapping in the wind, the long, triangular shaped hood flying out behind my masked face. 

"Who is that?" Someone yells. 

"Oh my god! They're gonna hit the ground! That's going to shatter all the bones in their body!!" Someone else screams. The cries begin, people screaming, running, yelling. Suddenly, someone spots that I have stopped, standing on a thin blue platform at a height six stories above their heads. I drop, only to land just a metre or so from the ground. There is a collective gasp from the audience.

"I, am ForceField!" I say, pointing to the two black, interlocking F's on the front of my suit. "And I am here to save Metropolis City!" The crowd cheers. "Everyone! Take cover! Things could get a little rough around here!" 


The End

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