Rainy days mean sunshine forever

It was beginning to get darker by the time Beverly reached the house. It had gotten colder, too. The last flames of the sunset were dancing across the sky; they then dissapeared. Shivering softly in her navy peacoat, Beverly began running home. With each stride, her steps became faster. Her legs became stronger. She leapt down the road with amazing speed and grace! What was this now? In slow motion, her legs began to collapse; her foot bent under and gave way. Beverly now lay spread across the road. Sighing, she brushed off the dirt and sat there for a moment, the shock taking a moment to sink in. As the sound of footsteps became closer, Beverly prepared for the worst; taking a dagger out of her pocket, she closed her eyes and held it in front of her. Two dark eyes peered at her from above and the young man reached out his hand to help her up.

"What are you doing there, baby? Did you 'fall' for me, yet?" It was a cheezy line, but she glanced up at him with dreamy eyes.

"No, not yet." She whispered under her breath. The young man before her must've been about three or four years older, with a muscular physique and deep emerald eyes.

"So, I guess I'll be walking you home, then?" His arms wrapped around her, but she shrugged them off.

"God, no. I'm not your little 'baby' to play around with. Besides, I can do just as well on my own, in fact...even better." She scoffed and flipped her hair around.

     As Beverly walked faster down the cobblestone path, silent enveloped the air like a fog. Small swirls of dust and dirt rolled across the path like tumbleweed, and as she reached her home, Beverly slammed the door behind her. Gasping, she trudged up the stairs and into her room, where the creature was. Or at least, where she thought it was.

The End

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