Sunshine and Lightning

Beverly is a girl who lives a normal life, in a normal family, and in a normal home. That is, until a bolt of lightning enters her home and she befriends it. The Lightning allows her to enter a 'dream world', which she seems to enter more and more each day, with each passing struggle. Soon, she finds herself in quite a predicament. Beverly cannot return to reality and forgets herself and her old life completely. How will she survive when her dreams turn on her?

         Abealea was a small town on the west coast of Arkennan. It had been inhabited for a little less than six hundred years, and all the buildings had not been changed or rebuilt since.The cobblestone streets were almost falling apart, and the thatched rooves of the houses gave it that certain 'ancient city' appeal. Beverly hated it.

     The girl lay on her small twin sized bed, her feet hanging over the edge as she glanced inquisitively towards the window. The patterns on the bedsheets were vivid and anyone who saw it knew that their focus went straight to them; the intricate swirls of colour were in shades of deep blue and yellow, as if the sun and the sea had collided as one. It was raining outside, and the small drops of wetness rolled down the side of the frosted glass like little insects gathering and falling down an endless hill.

      A woman entered the room, and in the darkness, she was almost unrecognizable.

"I got my hair done, do you like it?" She wrung her hands nervously and twitched from side to side, anxious on the response.

"Looks really cute mom, but can I do something?" Beverly glanced around the room for a moment, picked up her scizzors, and tilted her head from side to side. The designs were cluttered inside her head, but it was as if she plunged her hand in and took out one. It was the perfect hairstyle. Beverly slowly began chopping away at the locks, but she kept going, immersed in her world. Voices spun around in her mind, sounds buzzed in her ear, but she kept going. Finally, she sighed and grinned at the person in the mirror.
"Wow, darling. I love it, but why did you change it so much?" She pulled at the strands. Now the woman in front of Beverly looked like a completely different person. Her makeup was on: the slight eyeshadow, powder, and gorgeous red lips, but the woman had a more youthful and spunky look than before.

"Darling--" She was about to add, when wind opened the windows and the room became enveloped in a pale yellow light.

"No need to thank me, mom," Beverly anxiously pushed the woman away towards the door, "I really have to, now, though. Talk to you later!" Closing the door softly, she blinked her eyes nervously, it had been a close one. As she pulled the covers away, she could see the faint outline of the creature, and its body rising and falling. It was like watching a gentle stream flow softly past.

"Dear thing, what are you exactly?" She stepped forwards, but the wooden floorboards creaked under her weight, and the creature got up, startled. "I mean you no harm. My name is Beverly." She slumped down beside it, her auburn hair falling lightly below her shoulder. "Guess you don't want to talk, though. I wouldn't want to be peskered by an annoying stupid little girl either." Beverly sighed and touched her pinkie to the windowpane, shuddering softly as the cold feeling of glass wrapped around her finger. Picking up her rucksack, she smiled and clicked the lock to the wooden door, shutting it behind her. As she trudged to school in the soft ripples of snow, she couldn't help thinking about the creature.

The End

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