Sunset Warriors (Chapter one and preface)Mature

1st chapter of my soon to be published Story ;) happy reading.

Sunset Woman



I had a dream, which was not all a dream.

The bright sun was extinguished, and the stars

Did wander darkling in the eternal space,

Ray less, and pathless, and the icy earth

Swung blind and blackening in the moonless air;

Morn came, and went and came, and brought no day,

And men forgot their passions in the dread

Of this desolation; and all hearts

Were chilled into a selfish prayer for light:

And nothing stirred within their silent depths;

Ships sailor less lay rotting on the sea, 

And their masts fell down piecemeal; as they dropped 

They slept on the abyss without a surge 

The waves were dead; the tides were in their grave,

The moon their mistress had expired before; 

The winds were withered in the stagnant air, 

And the clouds perished; Darkness had no need 

Of aid from them. She was the universe.

Lord George Gordon Byron - Darkness


My name is Catherine Blake; I’ve never been special, never considered myself more than the ordinary. Now I’m an anomaly, a nomad. Trying to gather my dreams, hopes and all my thoughts and place them in a small box and hide them from everyone, even me. My head must remain silent to them, the Hunters, the murderers and my love.



Chapter 1 – Departure

It was a cold day, unusually cold for this time of year, especially in Yuba City. It was mid June and barely 60 degrees but still the yellow beams of sunlight lashed against my face as I stepped out of my, soon to be, old home. I was leaving for a very small run down town called Pe Ell, in less than 15 minutes. Pe Ell is a small town in south-western Washington, It rains near enough everyday of the year, and when it’s not raining it usually excessively overcast: if this small town is ever lucky enough to have sun, you can guarantee it won’t be warm. I knew I’d have to get used to temperature way below 50 when I moved there, but I still didn’t like it. I turned on my heels slowly and held close the woman weeping at the door frame, my mother, the embrace felt emotionless and I knew she felt that too because she let go and analysed my features and brazenly pointed out I don’t look very happy to be leaving this “hell hole of a town” as I so regularly called it. She was right, however much I hated it here I would miss the people, no matter how insignificant they where, and the pattern I’d picked up from living here for 17 years. Routine is something I find relaxing…To tell you the truth, I was scared of losing that routine.  Angela, my Mom, passed me my case and placed it in the boot of the bright yellow cab that must have pulled up only moments ago, neither of us noticed it as we where both consumed in unnecessary pleasantries on how she’d come and visit me in Pe Ell all the time. Pe Ell a small town, I probably wouldn’t even know it existed if it wasn’t for my dad living there. “You call me when you get to Robby’s house okay?”

“Sure thing mom, Love you.”

“You too Cathy, You don't have to go ya know sweetie?”

“Its okay mom...I want to.” I lied with a smile.

And that was it; I walked towards the Cab and slowly slid myself in the back seat. I waved goodbye to my mum and turned away hoping my mom wouldn’t see my face full of chagrin. I’d miss it there, I thought, I’d miss the sun, the fact I could where less clothing there then I’d be able to in Pe ell, I’d miss my mom, my fat Cat, Davey, My Senior school class mates, everything. I’d miss- “Where to lady?” The Driver caught me unawares, my thoughts became jumbled and it took me a while to re-gather them. “Lady…Hello?”

“Oh sorry err…Sacramento County airport, please,”

“Going anywhere nice huh?” His question seemed fake, just a way to keep me talking. Maybe he thought if he entertained me I’d give him a tip. He was mistaken.

“Not really.” I’d didn’t want to talk. I wanted to think. I wanted to watch my home town fly by me in a blear. I wanted to take in my last memories of this place. The cab man didn’t speak after that; he just did his job, occasionally glancing back and opening his mouth slightly like he wanted to speak but probably deciding not to. If he did my answer would be vague and non-informing anyways. A few minutes past and I recognised Host Hotel as we turned into the airport from when Angela and I missed a flight to LA and we had to stop the night there. It was a nice hotel. So many memories I had to leave behind.

“Where do you want me to park?” He did it again scrambled my thoughts like the scrambled eggs I made for my mom this morning.

“Anywhere here fine I’ve got a while before my flight leaves.” He stopped the car outside terminal B and I handed him the envelope my mum gave me with near enough $150 in it. I grabbed my case and staggered with the weight “Jeez, what did my mum put in this thing?” I muttered to myself, it was way heavier then I remembered it being before my mum offered to help pack when I went to bed. My flight wasn’t until 2pm and it was barely eleven thirty now. I figured I’d check in and then go grab something to eat.

 It took me an hour to check in, the lady who served me was very polite, she was shocked when I told her I was going to Pe Ell, “ Pe Ell, Well Lil Lady why would you want to go there, its so rainy?” She had a very strong southern accent and big blonde hair, thirty years older and she could’ve been Dolly Parton. I just smiled in reply and said “Family, I guess” She pulled off the replying smile better than I did, She was very pretty. She checked my passport, made sure my tickets where right and sent me on my way. I now had a good hour and a half to kill and this airport although big, was very boring. I walked around the duty free, smelling perfumes and trying free samples of chocolate. I didn’t buy anything, not just because everything was a bit out of my price range but also because none of it was particularly nice. I knew there was a star bucks somewhere in this airport, and I made it my mission to find it, and when I did I’d buy a coffee and really nice muffin. Comfort food, I missed Yuba already.

The flight wasn’t especially exciting, the occasional bit of turbulence when we crossed over the Washington border because of the rain. Ah, Rain, I thought, I was glad my mum reminded me to bring my big parka before I left the house. I was going to need it a lot in Pe Ell.  As the plane started to glide down towards the landing site, my heart fell with it. It was absolute. I was here in Washington for the duration. I could get a ticket home but that was expensive and I’d make Robby, my dad, upset if I left straight away. I chose to come live here with him. I’ll stay. As if by some weird coincidence as I started to drift away in my happy day dreams of the sun and the warmth and beauty of Yuba, I could’ve swore the rain that was lashing down moments ago, slowed to a stop and the sun could be seen brightly in the west. It was merely a coincidence, but it made me smile.

 “Hey Sweetie, it’s been too long, how’s your mom? How are you? How was the flight? How’s John?”  I’d touched down in Olympia moments ago and found Robby waiting at the terminal car park for me. Robby opened his car door to let me in with a beaming, gleaming smile on his face, even the scowl he placed on the last name didn’t take away the sparkle in his eyes. He’d missed me.

“Hi Ro- Dad,” I’d got so used to just calling him Robby, I forget he’s my dad sometimes, “Ange is fine, of course she’s fine, she’s got Johnny to look after her, And yeah I’m fine, it was fine” I just blurted it all out. I don’t like talking about my mum and John to Robby. He’s never gotten over Mom and when he heard she’d found someone new it killed him. He only asked about him now out of courtesy, my dad is very gentlemanly. He barely grunted in response to John’s name and the knowledge of him being okay. I hadn’t notice until now that the smell in the car was somewhat weaker then I remembered. The odour of chips, steak and oil was dulled down by a very strong perfume-y smell.

“Dad, are you wearing cologne?” I sniffed the air and realised what perfume it was and felt a pang of pain in my stomach as I realised-

“Oh Yeah, You like it Cath? It’s the same stuff your mom used to buy me,” He still loved her. Oh, dear.

“Yeah it’s nice. Bit overpowering though,”

“Hmm, Well I like it.” He smiled to himself and then frowned slightly I figured he was upset about my mom. His face does the same thing mine does when I’m angry or upset or sad, a little crease and a pucker appeared just above his eye brows smashing the brows into one thick line and his lips would tense slightly. I was so much like Robby; I looked nothing like my mom, only my eyes where like hers a deep oceanic blue, only mine shifted colours. The doctors said it was an iris deficiency, nothing bad just meant my eyes changed colour every so often; since I turned 17 they changed every day. My hair is like my dad’s a mahogany brown almost red in the sun. My nose small and round like his and my lips full just as his are. We even smiled the same. I hadn’t seem him smile for nearly 4 years until today, I’d seen smirks, but I missed my dad’s smile, he’s been sad since Ange left him. There really wasn’t that much talking after the initial greeting, just odds and bods about school and all that stuff, he tried to talk about boys, but that conversation lasted all of 2 minutes. It was 53 minute drive from Olympia to Pe Ell. I’d only been in the car for twenty minutes and there was nothing left to talk about. Luckily, Robby isn’t the most sociable person and talking isn’t his favourite leisure activity. I like the silence, and so does he. So I looked at the passing greenery as he drove quietly by my side. Everything was green, all of it. There shouldn’t be this much green anywhere, unless you’re in a rainforest, we passed through a lot of biggish towns, no where near as big as Yuba, but still pretty large. We’d just passed the small town of Doty, where the roads narrowed. I was thankful that the journey was almost over and that all I had to worry about now was school tomorrow, I was going to Pe Ell School, it was a mile away, and I could walk it in 20 minutes but in the rain.. I certainly wouldn’t, but I had no transport except a lift from Robby, and I definitely wasn’t driving Robby’s old Chevy suburban, I was going to school, not going to gang war… this was a worry that sank to the back of my mind for the mean time. Thankfully, it was really good but really small school, with a scarily small 338 students, I knew the people there will be expecting me, especially in a small town like this. I sat worrying what they’d think of me and what they expected from a girl from Cali. I sighed quietly to myself and watch the scenery through the window, the cloud above us grew denser, as did the forest.

“Right Cath, you remember where your room is?” Robby asked sarcastically, it had been nearly a two years since I visited my dad here, it was light sarcasm but it still hurt slightly.

“Of course Dad… I know it’s been a while since I’ve been here, but jeez give me some credit, I’m not that forgetful.” I tried to be light hearted and shrug off his sarcasm. I think it worked nicely.

“Right well, I’ll fix up dinner and you can go unpack. I bought some new clothes for you; I figure your old 'Cali' wardrobe isn’t exactly Pe Ell proof.” He laughed at his own joke and walked towards the kitchen. I traced the all too familiar hallway and staircase, which was the same nicotine stained white it’s always been, and followed it round to left. “Catherine’s room” was pasted on the door in thick colourful foam, this place hadn’t changed, just like the town outside the window, it was just the same as it was when I was a kid, or so I thought. I opened my door and dragged the case through; I think it was just because I was tired from the flight but seemed heavier…again. Robby had painted my room a light violet, my favourite colour, and had updated the furniture as well. Where there was once a small shabby single bed, a big double bed now stood with a wrought iron bedstead, where there was once a drawn on paint splattered desk, in the far corner of my room near the big window was now a fancy computer desk with what looked like brand new laptop. The only thing that was the same was the big antique wardrobe. The wardrobe was pretty, when I was about 4 when me and my mom used to visit this wardrobe always made me thing of the lion the with and the wardrobe, my used to read the stories to me before I went to sleep. I remember I used to hide in the back and hope I’d see snow lurking behind my mum old fur coats and rain jacket, sadly I never did. All this furniture must’ve cost a bomb I thought. I never thought Robby could be so caring it made my eyes water slightly. I plonked my case on my bed and started unpacking it. I filled up the Chester draws in no time at all, with the clothes that Robby bought me; there really wasn’t much space in them to begin with. I hung up my favourite pair of old jeans and a few jumpers and jackets my mum must’ve packed for me. I was thankful for both of my parents, they loved me so much. I missed my mom a hell of a lot already, and I'd barely even unpacked. Why did I exile myself to this insubordinate town? I slumped on my bed and watched the rain hit the windows with juggernaut force. Urgh, I thought, I hate rain. Why does it always rain when I’m upset? Jeez if god exists…he’s got a vendetta to make my life hell.

“Hey… Cat? Cath!  Dinner’s ready! You hungry? I fixed up your favourite!”  Robby shouted, I detected a hint of gloating in his voice, or a sense of achievement, he doesn’t cook very often, but when he does, he does it well. I could almost taste the beautiful smell of the Spanish chicken wafting up the stairs. I was like a hobo being carried by the smell of pies from the soup kitchen. Yum. I glided down the stairs and ran to the kitchen and sat on the closest chair. I munched for a good half hour and then finished off the little bit extra that was left over after he dished it up. We ate in silence, the first change to my routine. In Yuba, my mother and I always talked about everything when we ate from boys to the weather, I’m not a big talker, as I’ve already said, but my mum could talk for America. I liked this change.

“So Cath, Did I do good?” He was already washing up while I was still smacking my lips.

“Hell yeah Ro- Dad” I smiled at him and patted my belly, I was way too full but it felt good, eating was another one of my least favourite activities. I only ate when I was really hungry; growing up in Cali gives you a fat complex.

“Glad you liked it kiddo,” He smiled celebrating his outstanding cooking performance. He paused from his washing up to beam at me with sparkling eyes; what was he up to?  “There’s a present for you in the garage, I bought it as an early birthday present.” Aha, that's what he was up to. I was sure he must've seen the grimace pass over my face at the word present. Cue the faked enthusiasm

“The garage? Dad, my birthdays not till January... and beside you know I hate presents!” I was confused rather excessively at that, I was also trying my hardest not to offend him. Had he bought me a car? I’d only passed my test weeks ago and I wasn’t ready to drive in constant rain, but I also wasn’t ready to get a lift to school from my old man in his suburban. 

“I know, I know sweetie, but go look…its nice, you’ll like it. I think. It’s a good little runner too.” He had that same gloating sound in his voice. Apparently he made a good choice.

I got up and grimaced at what old banger he could’ve got me, a ford bronco maybe, either that or some rundown beat up old truck. Thinking about it was giving me a head ache.

“Oh…” was all I could say I opened the connecting door to the garage and to my surprise there stood a gorgeous Harley Davidson. I didn’t know much about bikes but I knew these where expensive.

“Dad... how much…how much did this cost?” I was still in shot from seeing it. I was expecting some rundown old car that barely runs instead I get this Harley Davidson. Wow.

“Well you remember you friends Doty, Lawson Thomas?” I didn’t remember anyone from Doty, I tried to forget the majority of people here except Robby, I was very shallow, living in a big city made you think small town people where all well hicks. I shook my head and smiled apologetically.

“Oh well, It was his friends uncles. I got it pretty cheap actually,” Then he smiled that same gloating smile. “Good job I paid for a bike and car provisional huh?”

Very good job actually. It was clear as the day now that he planned this all along.

“He he, Thanks Dad.”

  We sat for a while watching a random college soccer game on the TV, I wasn’t really paying attention athletics really isn’t my thing. The time flew by. Robby sat very still watching the game, smiling contently with himself and I just sat there doing the same I was glad I was making someone happy even if it might mean a sacrifice of my happiness in the long run. It was barely 9pm when I went to bed. I wasn’t tired I just wanted to be alone for a while. I looked out of my frosted window; it was cold here, very cold. I cried. I wanted to go home already; it wasn’t that I wasn’t grateful to Robby for everything, for the bike, the food, for letting me live with him…I just knew that tomorrow would be a tough day. My first day at Pe Ell School, I must admit… I wasn’t looking forward to it one bit.

  I awoke abruptly to Robby revving his engine to go to work. Robby worked as the head of the fire department in Pe Ell. It wasn’t a very busy job for him, with almost a perfect crime record and a very small history of fire the most Robby has to do in a day is Fetch an old lady’s cat from a tree. I was surprised he didn’t wake me or even wish me luck with my first day. Never mind. I pulled myself out of bed and to the bathroom. I tried to make my hair look at presentable as possible. My usual middle parting and natural waves. I loved my hair. It was always smooth and soft and silky. I have dark brown chocolate hair, a lot like Robby’s. I didn't put any make up on, my skin was pale and clear, like a super models... except it lacked colour. My skin was so pale it was almost translucent; any make up would either turn me orange or make the translucence look so much worse. I wouldn’t know where to start with make anyways. I got myself ready as quick as possible; I put on my warmest pair of jeans and my blue denim shirt I bought from Target two years ago in a sale. I hadn’t had chance to fully inspect the clothes Robby bought me, but I didn’t have time now, It was already 8.00 and I had to be at school for 8.45 to get a map and some other bits of  information that are meant to make a pupils first day just that bit easier. I checked and double checked everything was in my bag, the last thing I wanted to do was to have to ask to borrow a pen or some other piece of stationary of f and all too curious class 'mate', and then took it down the stairs with me. The living room and kitchen was open plan, there was a huge table in the middle of the two “rooms” dividing the space quite clearly into 3 separate sections Living, eating, and cooking. I placed my bag on the sofa and turned around to see a note on the kitchen tables with my new Harley keys next to them


  Sorry I left without saying goodbye. You looked tired, so I thought I’d let you sleep. There’s a bacon sandwich in the fridge for your breakfast, I made it just the way you like it. Have a great day sweetie.


P.S. I forgot to give your keys, so here they are stay safe. You’re Helmets in the closet under the stairs.”

I was suddenly over come with emotion. I never expected anything so caring from Robby. He’s not a very emotional person, and very rarely showed them if he had them. I ate the bacon sandwich slowly savouring every bite. Crispy and sweet just the way I like it. I felt so loved.

Nearly 30 minutes had past when I was finally fully awake and ready to leave. I was actually kind of happy today. Although the night before I dreaded the moment I had to go to school, and I missed Yuba... I was actually happy, the sun was out, it wasn’t warm, but at least I could see the sun. I put my helmet on put my bag and my parker in the case on the back of the bike and revved. What a beautiful noise it made. I pressed the remote for the garage door and sped off. The green rushing past me made me feel dizzy but the sound of the engine kept me focus. It runs like a wolf, a very fast very awesome wolf. I loved it. I got to school in a flash about 3 minutes. The car park was already full and I already had people staring at me. Great, they must all be expecting, the prodigal daughter coming home at last. I parked my bike as close to the reception as possible and unlocked my holder and grabbed my bag, and replaced it with my helmet. This was going to be a very long day.

* * * *

I walked slowly to the desk where a plump ginger woman sat pouring her colleague, a short looking slender blonde woman, a coffee. “Catherine Blake I assume?” She had an impatient tone to her voice, her face was wrinkled and she had bright green eye shadow covering her eye lids. “Erm, yes, I err; I was told I had to report here” I felt so out of place. This was not my world. I belonged in a big school, with way more than just 400 pupils, in a sunny place, with my mum.

“Hmm, well here’s your map of the school. And your schedule for the day, have it signed by your tutors and bring it back at the end of the day ok?” The woman, again with her impatient tone said at me, in a much rehearsed way. I felt a sudden burst of gloom as I smiled at woman (who uttered something like “nice girl, very pale for a Californian” to the slender blonde) and walked towards the doors to the entrance of the school. The clouds rolled over the school and it started to rain. My first class was Trigonometry, but it didn’t start for another 15 minutes, so I started to the cafeteria shuffling my feet slowly across the generic tile flooring. At least this school looked like every other school in existence, maybe today wouldn’t be so difficult I reassured myself. I sat alone in the cafeteria, sitting at the table closest to the doors so I could run to my next class quickly. I sat there for a while, ignoring the stares from the student who passed by the huge windows that surrounded the lunch room. I stared blankly at the map and hoped the minutes would pass quickly. Urgh, I missed my friends I thought. I saw small groups of girls walking past the cafeteria and spilt into a nostalgia trip, the only comforting thought I could think of was that all my lessons would be easy. There was an advanced curriculum at my school in Yuba and it made me happy to know I wouldn’t have to concentrate so hard in lesson at least for the next few weeks anyway. “Hey there, so you’re the new girl?” A short pale faced boy with long bronze silky hair waved at me smiling brilliantly as he walked through the double doors. “Um yeah... I guess I am” I smiled weakly; I was still recovering from my day dream. “Hmm, well I’m Matthew Bronté,” I grinned wryly at him...”Bronté...huh?” apparently that wasn't the reaction he was expecting, his eyes squinted dramatically and his bottom lip pushed out like a child going into a tantrum; I half expected him to stamp his foot, I couldn't help but smile at the novelty of the expression. This reaction was expected, and as if in response to my smile he walked toward the table I was sitting and sat opposite me.

“So, aren't you gonna tell me your name,” He beamed, “I thinks that's how introduction work.” I fought back the gloating grin that threatened to burst through me, not everyone in the school knew my name, either that or he was faking, but if he wasn't, this meant I wasn't some new commodity! Yes, no, my heart sank as I realised the truth, I was just as big of a commodity, I was just known as the new girl, the prodigal daughter of the head of the fire department instead of Catherine Blake, daughter of a father abandoning wife, I was sure however to the older residents of Pe Ell this was how I was known. “My name is Catherine.”

“That a really nice name,” He smiled to himself, probably making some internal joke toward Wuthering Heights, “can I call you Cat?”

I grimaced

“What?” he giggled

“Its Cathy or Catherine. Never Cat”

“I'll be sure to remember that,” He smirked then winked at me. We talked about classes and teachers and a lot of things, he offered to help me if I get lost, he was actually a little over bearing, almost annoying “We're gonna be late for class Matt.” I said startled by the time, our pointless chit chat had wasted the entire fifteen minutes, “Ah, crap. What-cha got?” He said looking sincerely disappointed. “Trigonometry,” I hoped, very dearly, that I wouldn't have to spend any more time with Matt for a while; as lovely as he was the alteria motives where clear in the way he scanned my face and my body every now and then.

“Well, I have calculus it’s in the same building I'll walk with you.” Great. I stared at my map again a sighed. The day has officially begun. As if by some invisible signal the clouds grew darker. “Cat, sorry, Lady Catherine, you coming?” He smiled at his own joke. I nodded and followed watching the sky light reflects of his shiny hair as I walked slightly behind him. We walked through two corridors and through to double doors that led outside toward the Maths block, the moment we stepped outside the loud babbling of the corridors dulled to almost silence, we walked in the peace and quiet, until I realised - “Matt, your being quiet... Are you ok?” I'd only just met him, but he seemed nice enough to care about me, why shouldn't I repay that favour? “Well. Like, I totally know we just met...” Oh, dear, “and I know its kinda weird but..Wanna catch a mov-” “No!” I interrupted him I saw his expression when I looked up and corrected my outburst “I mean I don't date.”  I hoped I hadn’t offended him, “Yeah no.. Yeah that's.. That’s cool.” He faked a smile and we walked the rest of the way in silence, I felt awkward, I felt guilty, the wind blew harsher against my face as I thought, as if punishing me. He held the door for me “See you at lunch Cathy.” before I could say goodbye he was gone. I walked into my classroom. “Ah, Catherine Blake?” A tall man, wearing half moon glasses, Mr Cartwright I guessed. He looked at me in mild scrutiny, his curled greasy hair hung to his neck and rested behind his ears. “Yes, I err, I got lost, Sorry.” Mr. Cartwright cleared his throat “well no harm no foul. Urm, you seat is next to Miss Court.” he gestured towards a little blonde girl; she had a round face and brown eyes to match the streak of brown highlights in her mousy blonde hair. She smiled at me as I walked over to her. “Catherine! Ooh I'm so happy to meet you! I'm Tara.” She gave me her old notes from old lessons, and a book that Mr Cartwright had told her to give me. She doted over my work for me. She was nice. She was genuine. Maybe a little too happy but all in all great. I nodded at the right times and mmhmm'd at the correct intervals. The conversation went on right to the end of the lesson; we talked about everything and anything. “So who you hanging with at dinner?” I paused for a moment, and she beamed at me, “Ohh, great you can sit with me.” She smiled hugged me then drifted off to her next class.

  The rest of my morning flew by in a blur, I had English with matt who seemed to of completely forgiven me for this morning, followed by chemistry, in which I met a another really nice person who  asked me to join her for dinner. I followed the river of students into the cafeteria; Gosh this place looked a lot bigger earlier. I saw Tara wave frantically at me from the corner of my eye. I paid for my dinner and the walked over to where she sat.. I recognised numerous faces around the table, Matt was on Tara's right and the girl from my chemistry class was at the far end. “Hey Cathy,” Matt did his trademark wink and smile then moved along so I could sit between him and Tara. The girl from my chemistry class scowled at me, I ignored it. “Well Cathy,” Tara began “Welcome to the table of friendship,” Matt's answering guffaw boomed in my ear. Tara, glared at him and began introducing people, “Well,  You know me and matt and phoebe,” She gestured to the girl who scowled at me, she was from my chemistry class, her black hair was pinned into a quiff and pulled into a retro pony tail, he dark eyes pierced through mine, though her smile broke some of the harshness it didn't dull it completely, but I smiled back. “Um this is Daniel, He's a total nerd.” She smiled while she mocked him, the boy had tanned skin and slicked back deep brown hair, he smiled at me “Hey Catherine, Matt has told me loads about you.” He and matt smirked at each other. Oh god. “Um, that's Lauren, she's in your History class and that's Charlie.” she gestured towards the two overly pretty people, sitting on her other side, they both had shoulder length chocolate brown hair and blue eyes, related? I pondered.

“So Cathy how are you enjoying your first day at Pe ell School?” Her smile was wide with pride.

“Its good. I like it.” I returned to her. And took another gulp of grape soda.

“Ah awesome. So do you wanna come shopping with me Lauren and Phoebe next weekend? We're going Centralia.” Robby would get a kick out of knowing I've made some friends, “Yeah, that'd be great” We talked away the dinner hour very quickly. “Oh do you want a ride next Saturday?” Lauren asked me, It was the first time she'd spoke all dinner, her voice was like bells, like singing. “I, er, yeah.. sure thanks.” I was thrown by her magnificent voice. “Great, See you in History.” Her and Charlie left first followed by the scowler and then the rest of us scooted out not wanting to be late for class. History passed quickly, the friendships I forged at dinner developed more as the days continued.

      My last lesson was gym, I knew Lauren, Charlie and Phoebe we're in this class, though the thought of my friends seeing my pathetic attempts at sport made me cringe. I'm not athletic, I never have been, and probably never will be. Today's chosen gym torture.. badminton. I was on the team of Phoebe. I was very glad that Robby reminded me to pack my gym uniform last night, otherwise I would've had to borrow from Gym department, the thought made me shudder. I walked toward the big hall and was assigned to Phoebe's team, I waved good by to Lauren and Charlie who giggled at my new team partner, I soon realised why,  the black hair scowler  was competitive, very much so. We played against a small round girl I vaguely remembered from the Cafeteria and a boy. A glorious god of a boy. I remember the moment I saw him like it was yesterday, without a doubt I'd of remembered him if I had seen him in the Canteen or in the corridors, I could not recall such a beautiful man ever existing. He was tall and angelic in both face and body. He had natural white hair that framed his face in all the perfect places and spiked subtly in equally perfect spots, his gleaming green eyes did not focus on mine except for when mine gazed at him for too long. He was... He was beautiful. Playing against him made my bad game even worse, Phoebe tutted and yelled occasionally but I took no notice. The glorious man opposing me locked his eyes on mine as if trying to drag thoughts and emotion through them to him. Butterflies fluttered through me happily making my cheeks blush and forcing me to look away, lest I burst into a fit a giggles. He grimaced as if he knew what I was thinking about him. Was I really that bad. He didn't look at me for the rest of the game, and practically ran out of the hall when the lesson was over. Internally I growled at myself and as if in clear response the sky growled right back. Brilliant, a thunderstorm, I thought. “what the heck was wrong with you Cathy!?” Phoebe moaned in the changing rooms, “Has anyone ever told you... YOU SUCK AT SPORTS!” I groaned along and got changed in a hurry, sadly sports was customary until graduation at the Pe ell school of physical torture. “We lost all 5 games because of you Cathy!” She huffed as I shuffled past her. I'm guessing she scowled as I walked off. I dropped the slips off at reception and claimed I was in a hurry, so I could avoid any pointless pleasantries . I didn't turn to look I just walked to my bike as quick as possible, my bike which was covered in fresh splatters of rain. I sighed heavily at the coming black cloud that was so low it looked like it might fall from the sky and opened the back case to get my helmet when all of a sudden

“Cathy!! Cathy!”

 it was Lauren, she was running towards me at an alarmingly fast rate, she slowed to caught her breath when she saw that I had paused what I was doing to look up at her. What on earth? She'd hardly spoke to me all day, she said little at lunch and even littler in history, whatever could she want.

“His Clinton”

 Her bell like voice sounding panicked and tired. I knew instantly who she refereed to and my stomach did somersault at the thought of his smooth chiselled face. The angelic beauty was Clinton, his face was as smooth as stone in appearance and his body as carved as a statue. I recalled his grace, his agility, his beauty as if he was in front of me. “Clinton, that's a very.. old fashioned name.” I jested. Lauren paid me no notice, “Clinton Stark, He cares only for himself. He doesn't love another but his own. He talks to no one but his sister Violet and his older brother Jean. He will break you. He will hate you Cathy.” Thinking of it, he didn't seem to sociable thinking about it. He didn't speak to his team mate and barely said a thing to the teacher. That was pretty harsh though... “Why haven't I seen him before?” I asked. Lauren looked confused and amused...”Cathy, Its your first day,” she laughed, then she was suddenly serious again “But, I must warn you, Stark is a freak, he's dangerous. Promise me you'll stay away from him” she smiled, he chiming voice tolling out her normal tone once again rang “goodbye Cathy!” I opened my mouth to say something but she was already running back to Charlie so intead held up by hand in a still wave and dropped it immediately when I saw Clinton stark and two other equally as beautiful people drifted past me, I put my helmet on and didn't look to see if he was looking at me. The thought of his glorious eyes following me made me light headed. The blood rush made my balance break and the bike tilt, I managed to straighten up and speed away before I could hear any laughter. I glided round every twist and turn with pure concentration. I pulled into the drive with relief, I was home. Robby wasn't back yet, so I got to work on my homework and started grilling some steak for when he got in.

I couldn't get the image of Clinton out of my head. Although he did not talk I imagined his voice would be at smooth as satin and as lush as velvet. His face when I blushed, the grimaced, the look of disgust. Was I really that bad? Was I really that undesirable? The way he as his siblings walked past me the Car lot, like they where kings, but kings that didn't want to be noticed, like celebrities in disguise. Maybe that is exactly what they was, I pondered, the looked like movie stars straight from the big screen the pixie like girl standing on Clinton's right was obviously Violet. She was short, not much taller than me and I was barely scrapping 5”2', she had pale skin, paler then mine ghostly but perfect. Her eyes a magnificent turquoise. Her clothes where obviously designer as was Clinton's and his Brother's, they all wore beautiful clothes, basic and subtle but beautiful. They all wore the most glorious coats, none of the bio-hazard style parka's everyone else wore, Violet wore a waist cropped grey blazer style tweed effect affair, her brother Jean wore a similar design only longer, Clinton Wore a trench coach, the same design as his siblings but in black, like a cloak, it made his skin look all the more pale, but all the more beautiful. I thought on his brother, Jean, of what I can remember he was muscular and yet just as beautiful as violet his dark blonde wavy hair clung to his face and framed it like Clinton's hair did for him, but less glorious. Movie stars, I concluded. I busied myself around the house while the steak grilled. I cleaned the entire kitchen and hoovered the entire downs stairs (granted because it was open plan it was all one room but still) before I heard Robby's Sedan pulling into the drive. I went back to the steak and started chopping some onions to make gravy with.

“Cathy? Cathy is that you?” Well who else would it be I thought to myself, its my bike outside, its not like a robber would start cooking steak is it?

“Yeah Dad. Its me.” I replied. I didn't wanna take the chance of talking back at him.

“hmm, Something smells good kiddo! What-cha cooking?” He smiled and sat down on the coach to watch the football.

“Steak and Chips, Cathy style” Cathy style usually meant burnt, this time it taste real good though. I was proud of myself. I think Robby was too. He smacked his lips and said it was great he loved it. We sat in silence again just like last night until we had finished our meal. “So Honey, How was your first day?” the question I had been dreading, I cant lie, I'm a terrible liar... Today was terrible it was rubbish I found this irrevocably beautiful guy, who hates me or at least will do! How was I meant to lie...”It was okay. Gym kinda ruined it.” She shoots, she scores.

“Ah gym, what did they make you do today? Football? Wrestling?”

“Badminton” I cringed at the memory of his squinted eyes and turned up nose when he looked at me.

“Oh c'mon Cathy, Sports ain't that bad.” he winked and joked with me about my lack of sporting ability for a good half an hour before he let me go upstairs to finish of homework and email my mom. I ran up the stairs and collapsed on my bed. I didn't realise how tired I was until I started to drift off.

The End

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