Welcome to the new world

This is a soap opera series that deals with all things in our lives with a lot of drama.

"Good morning dear," she said.

"Good morning dear," he responded.

"Breakfast is ready and the coffee is ready for you to consume," the wife said.

"Thanks dear and have you got the newspaper from the front lawn?" he asked.

"On the counter by the coffee maker."

"Thank you dear and would you be so kindly to look over this business report that I wrote up last night to see if there's any mistakes in it before I submit it to the brass."

"Yes dear."

Micah is a thirty year old man from Bridgeport Canada and he wed his college sweetheart right after they got their respective degrees from Harvard. Mary, who is a year younger than Micah, is a devoted wife who works as a specialist at the local community center for the youth while Micah is the new lawyer at the new branch of the law firm that just opened in the east side of town.  Recently, the couple is expecting their first child after series of miscarriages but since Micah is on a verge of making it big in the town of Sunset Beach, he can afford Mary to stay home during pregnancy.

"Thank you dear for letting me to stay home and plan for our first child," Mary said.

"Since I'm an associate lawyer at the law firm, I can afford that you stay home after so many miscarriages that we suffered already. After all, the child will be in good hands." Micah replied.

The End

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