Waking UpMature

"Is she okay? Do you think she is dead?" I hear someone whisper. "Maybe I should poke her or throw a rock at her or something." I realize I  am laying on back and my shirt is soaked with what smells like blood. Yes, that is in fact blood. I open my eyes and hop to my feet. My leg and stomach scream with pain. Two girls are standing in front of me. They both look like they are around my age, 13 or 14. 

"You have a crap load of blood on your shirt. How are you not dead?" asks the same girl who was whispering earlier. I examine my shirt and shrug. The two girls continue to stare at me. I look around for any sign of my attacker. I don't see anyone but the two girls standing in front of me. 

"Who are you two?" I ask them. "What are you doing out here?" They just shrug and look at each other. "Well, are you going to just stand there or call an ambulance?" I'm starting to get dizzy now from blood loss. One of them nods and pull out a cell phone and dials 911. I sit back on the ground and examine my wound on my stomach. There is a gash but not that deep. The same with my leg. They are bleeding pretty bad though. I take off my jacket and rip off the sleeve. I tie the sleeve above the wound in my left leg and apply pressure to my stomach with the rest of the jacket. It's a good thing i watch man vs wild.

"It will take awhile for the rescue team to find us. Do you think you can hang in there for a little while longer?" I nod. "How did that happen to you?" she asks. I try to think back to what happened. I think back as far as i can. Back to before i tried to escape through the woods. Back to two months ago. To the time I was raped by my school teacher.

The End

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