Lucy has just come home, to find that her mother and father are not in. She browses around the house, and comes across a room, in which, she has never been allowed in before. Does she open the door and take a risk, or will she do as she has been told all her life, and leave the door closed?

I walked up the creaky stairs, and made my way to my bedroom. I stopped, halfway up, and gazed out of the window opposite my room. There before me was the most beautiful sunset I had ever seen in my whole life. The sky contained a range of oranges, yellows, reds, and blues. It was beautiful. It looked like space was one huge, fiery inferno. I continued up the stairs, the light seeping through the blinds onto the rest of the second floor of the house. 

I clenched the door handle, and opened my door. My room was freakishly cold. Looking around, I noticed how messy my room actually was. All of a sudden, an almighty gust of wind swept through it. The papers flew off of my desk, and my curtains flew about everywhere. That is when I realise my window was open. Silly of me really, because I should have never left it open in the first place. But I don't really remember leaving it open. Something was not right, but why did I not notice this to begin with?

The End

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