chapter 4Mature

i had to visit angel and doyle about lex and how i got him out of belle reve. i was just comforting lex when my father and brother burst through the door and start shooting everyone, i pushed everyone to the floor and dogdged all the bullets then i appear in front of them and chuck them across the room and knock them out. i can pick them up due to being born as a kryptonian born on krypton like my brother clark we have the same dad jor-el. our dad tried to save kripton but he died and now he tells us what to do in the fortress- the only bit of krypton left. i have just got back from the fortress and told clark that jor-el wants us to continue to save earth. clark and me just saved lex from a killer. jason was waiting for me when i got home he was sent home early as they didn't need him.

The End

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